2023 Supercross season starts tonight

Anaheim 1 is live on USA channel.




Main event starting next

How can I watch?

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Coy was a good friend. Fuck

Tomac is the man. I can’t believe he’s still on top. I haven’t watched in a few years

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This little guy was racing the 85cc beginner class the same time as my son.His name is Brandon Ray,but everyone calls him BRay.I just found out that he was racing tonight.Last year was his rookie season in the 250cc class.He is a privateer riding a Honda.First time I seen him on tv and he was in second place in the LCQ and then crashed :frowning:


My son when he won the championship in the 250cc class & 2nd place in the 450 class.


450 could be a hell of year. Mookie was right there to get his first win and seemed to unravel. Were it q8 mins instead of 20 he likely wins. Tomac is so damn good. Even when he does have a dumb mistake, he recovers and usually closes right back to where he was. Anderson seemed a bit off last night. Cooper did what he does. Slower than 6 or 7 other guys but he fought his way through and got himself on the podium. He is the one guy who doesn’t seem intimidated or anxious when battling Eli. Sexton is still as fast or faster than everyone, but his speed comes with mistakes.

250’s have some good talent, but I can’t see anyone but Jett beating Jett Lawrence. The kid is every bit as good as advertised. He’ll be moving up just in time for Deegan to come in and take his place. A lot of people like shitting on the kid saying he has only been winning because of his dad. Sure Brians name, money and resources helped give the kid the best equipment, coaching and training. Haiden had to put in the work to make it all payoff. He looks so good for such a young kid. I know Bubba Stewart, Marty Tripes and others were winning big races win they were 16yo. Times have changed a bit and the overall level of talent is much higher now. Haiden is going to take the sport up a notch or two if he stays healthy and no major roadblocks appear. The kid will have everything in the world getting thrown at him, including the best ass and drugs. Both have ended many racers careers. I think Brian moving back east out of California was a great move. Sure with Yamaha leaving California they sort of had too. They seem all in on it though. Haille is back there doing her thing too. It should help the kids avoid a few dangers that would have far too easily obtained in Temecula.


I just hope it’s not the tomac/jett show all season. The track was shit after all that rain so maybe next week will be better


Should’ve known better than to pick Forkner in my fantasy league. Wtf was I thinking?

Haha. Foerkner, Jordan Smith and Pierce Brown are 3 of the fastest 250 riders on the planet. You can todd RJ Hampshire in the group too. All are usually well up front before throwing their weekly yard sale. This has to be it for Foerkner, and Smith too when he bails midrace when the East starts. RJ especially in outdoors is extremely fast. He’ll yo yo from 1st to 5th 2 or 3 times in a racs. If he cut down on the washouts and tip overs he could be a legit threat to Jett. Pierce lately hasnt even been in races long enough to gauge how fast he can be. Its a tough ass sport.

450 main was insane, Tomac is a beast.


Last night’s track ended up being awesome, and provided a great 450 race. Next week will probably be brutal. Supposed to dump rain in Northern California all week and on race day.

I think Webb is going to surprise a lot of people.
The 250 class looks interesting in that there are some new names like Lopes up front that I never seen before.

Replay is on CNBC tonight


I can’t wait. Mud Supercross races are the best.

God dammit Roczen is with Suzuki?


I can’t believe Rozcen is still racing

Crazy how some guys can stay around forever and other elite guys fall off after a couple seasons