205 will be unstable soon...

..At least I think so.

205 has recently been the big seller for the UFC over the past few years.  My guess is, the largest number of fighters they will bring to fight besides HW (which has already been halfway done) will probably be 205.

They have Chuck, Rampage, Tito, Rashad, Shogun, Lyoto, Hendo, Sobral, Lambert, and soon Wandy it looks like.  They could still pick up Lil Nog and/or Arona (I'm betting  Lil Nog )... meaning the only really stong 205er's that would be missing are Nakamura and Sok (Sok is already gone, and I doubt Nak will be a big enough draw to pull him away from K-1). 

My question is, who will be able to hold on to the belt in this division with all those guys?  I'm guessing nobody.  I think it will probably become alot like the 170 division in the UFC right now if BJ heads back after getting the LW title.  Anybody who has that belt will end up fighting monster after monster until they cough it up.

Do you think anybody will be able to solidly defend that belt at 205 if they manage to pick up Wandy, Arona, and Lil Nog?


Shogun alrdy beat qj arona and lil nog. He only has to stay ahead of chuck/tito/any of the other ufc fighters. I dont see any of the old standard gaurd of the UFC staying ahead of the new fighters coming in tho.

BJ Penn is the only logical answer

so what? Now in order to have the belt you truly must earn it. we're in for some great fights.

i see rampage holding the belt for a while. i think he beats hendo and shogun consecutively

I think it will be alot like the guys they brought over so far... hit and miss.  Some suprise upsets mixed in with the domination everybody expected.

I also think you will see some talent come into the UFC from out of nowhere the next year or so...probably somebody who's basically unknown come in and whoop the shit out of a few of these guys who are currently considered unbeatable.


K-1 is a smart move for Sok right now... he needs more fighting experience, and in the UFC if it's going the way It looks, he would have to fight guy after guy with WAY more experience than he has.

Also, I fear Sok will turn into the new Vitor Belfort... not sure why.

"Wandy, Arona, and Lil Nog?"

all very beatable

I think the belt will change hands frequently. I think Rampage will win against Hendo then lose to Shogun who will then lose to Chuck (possibly) who will then lose it back to Rampage. It's not gonna stay locked up for long. Lots of good fights coming soon.

"i see rampage holding the belt for a while. i think he beats hendo and shogun consecutively"

what makes you think so? because he already got his ass kicked by shogun once? Or maybe its because he already lost to Wand twice?