205LB Fighter Needed 4/24 in NJ

Looking for a 205LB fighter to compete against Jordan Pergola from the Renzo/Bellmore Team. Pergola is 1-0 in MMA fighting and has not competed in a long time. Fight will be held on 4/24 at the Rexplex Sports Complex in Elizabeth, NJ. If you are interested, please email at promoter@ringofcombat.com.


pergola would be a good test for mike stine.

Pergola was supposed to fight Brian Lieberman but I guess he was injured in the fight against Mike Stine


you are correct..brian is unable to train at this time

im interested.. i sent you an email...

Hmmmm, I have no MMA training or experience. Is it possible for me to fight?

Is it going to be open hand striking?

ring of combat is one of the top local mma shows. chris liguori from pitts penn fought in the show before last, and his performance earned him a slot in ufc 45.

jordan pergola is a tough kid - like a less experienced phil baroni. i watched him ground and pound jose rodriguez at a vengeance at the vanderbilt, and rodriguez is no slouch. i think someone like mike stine, mike thatcher, or hazem ibrahim (ie, someone strong with good ground skills), could give him trouble though.

sounds like a fight for me... what are the rounds? Call Mikey or Scott Burnett with any questions as to my worthiness... 918-234-8220. Ive got good stand up and a good ground game. Ive had two fights and have stood and banged in both..the last a main event fight.(2nd round ref stoppage due to excess dammage)

I recently saw jordan kickbox last weekend and the best way to describe him was like a white mike tyson, that kid can bang! he had some of the fastest hands I have seen for someone that muscular.

A cock diesel boxer huh?

I have no experience or MMA training. Is it possible for me to fight in this event? I would only have to lose 10lbs.

some of you guys who have no experiance and just want to jump in there are crazy! especially not with that kid!

I have a fighter that has wins in KOTC and also fought in JAPAN. Go to sherdog.com and look up Bryan Pardoe
he defintly has the look, and he is a tough Son of a B#$@!.

Shannon "The Cannon"