21 month old training MMA

My baby boy is working on his striking skills in this video. He is now just 21 months old and I took this video last night. Wait until you see his wrestling & ground n' pound skills. Some (me) are comparing him to Fedor. I hope to get a video of his wrestling within the next couple of days. He has a wicked single leg takedown and relentless g n' p. He regurlarly works over my chocolate lab so I'll get a video of that as well. Enjoy!!!


If a blue namer could embed this I would appreciate it. thanks, Chad


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Who knew Huggies made fight shorts?
Nice low kicks.
Way to teach your boy the illegal moves as well!! Head butts??

bad parenting at his best

expect a visit from DCFS. keep up the good work.



His form is awful. He needs to cover his head while punching and snap his hands back. He is looping a bit.
He needs to turn his hip over when he kicks and he is not pivoting on his plant foot.
I mean, how long has this guy been training anyway.

Nice job.

He'll be burnt out by 3 years old, and will hate mma.

Cute kid, I'll have to make a vid of mine when he's 21 months so we can compare form and technique. : ) He's only 19 months now though, I better get him started soon.

Good for you, cute kid. Ask him who he's got in Rashad vs Tito, I'm curious to hear his expert opinion. Having made that tape, he's got more MMA experience than 95% of this forum ;-)

I think I can take him.

it's all fun and games until you're struggling to get out of a RNC your 3-year old niece slapped on you and won't let go...sorry, this hits close to home

LOL! I just turtle when my niece enters the room.

He's adorable!!! Keep making films as he grows, they become priceless!!! Has the dog started hiding from Brady yet??


""bad parenting at his best ""

What's so bad about goofing around with your son?

""expect a visit from DCFS""

Gotta love comments like this.

So are you going to tattle tale on him?

from your comment - it seems as if you think what he did is wrong?

OH no, an excited parent teaches HIS KID to headbutt, WHAT ARE WE TO DO?

Good for you to spend time with your son, do it now before he grows up. A lot of fathers hardly interact with thier children these days, either they are too busy or too lazy. Keep up the good work, never know you may have a future champ on your hands. Just look at Tiger woods and what his father did for him.

I have a 4 year old son that can RNC, Arm Bar from the mount and has pretty good striking skills. He has been PLAYING around with this stuff since he was 2 and he loves it and the time we spend together is priceless.

Kids cant focus...and has crazy energy....MUST BE JUICED UP

He'll be making big bucks jacking kids on the playground for their lunch
money and new sneakers.

Stakk5150; you sir... are a doucebag.

This is funny to me. Im all for it if the kid loves to do this. I own an MMA gym and my kid is 5 and goes with me but only runs around the ring and wrestles with some of the guys. Im not judging but take your kid to the zoo or park he will have plenty of time to do submissions (if he wants to) or MMA on down the line. Last year in the city I live in a guy had his kid 7yrs old fighting an 6yr old MMA. Social services were called and he could have lost custody so dont go over the top.