21 Red Swain Mats for sale. Must be moved fast!

I have 21 mats to be sold immediately. perfect condition!!!! $80 each. I'm in Texas and I'll meet you halfway for delivery (within reason). All sold together. I need them gone asap!

The world's best flooring solution for Martial Arts, Fitness, Combatives, and MMA now comes with a smooth option.

This Mat is ideal for both standing arts and grappling arts. The Swain Grappling Premium mat is simply the best investment you can make in your school, police academy, or personal room's protective flooring.

The mats are 1 meter x 2 meters x 5cm (or 3'3" x 6'6" x 2") and can be easily cut to fit wall to wall. All mats come with a anti-skid, rubberized waffle backing.

Filled with high density polyurethane foam and covered with smooth vinyl, this mat is perfect for those who want a flooring system with both a professional look and performance in their schools.




 Damn, I'd be all over this if it were southern cali.  I'm sure shipping would cost a ton.

TTT!   someone will jump on this no doubt......