210 fighter wanted,Seoul Korea

Round trip ticket,all your food and hotel paid for.You win,$3500,lose $2000,have a half way decent record.

e mail me at acg@acgjiujitsu.com

I understand Don Frye and Sevren and Pardoe have sign also.


That must be one long ass show with 210 guys fighting.

some damn good money. do you have a date/opponent/any more info? I might be willing to fight up a weight class for that money.

Charles would kick ass in that tourney!

Look no further!

mail sent. info requested.


You forgot- Shannon The Cannon is also on the TEAM
www.ULTRAFC.net check it out!!!

Best wishes-
Shannon "The Cannon"

Who would he be fighting? and when would the fight take place?

sounds like a good deal


shannon, you guys better not be shopping my spot.

Someone musn't be at 12:00PM training.