23 and Me and my friend. Anyone else have horror stories?

Alright so one of my best friends took one of those DNA tests and found out that he was 0% Italian and 100% Jewish like 6 years ago whenever they started being popular. So that meant his very Italian dad was not his dad. Fast forward like 3-4 years later and we’re discussing it with a group of people and he brings up “it’s the worst thing you can ever do for your sanity, me, do you remember what I found out when I took mine and how horrible it was?” and we had all been drinking a bit and I forgot that it proved his mom was cheating on him with a Jew and said. “that you were a fucking jew?” and he was like “dude no, the other thing” and I was like “oh lol yeah”

So that’s why I’ll never take one of those tests, you might find out you’re a fuckin jew and your mom banged a jew.


I had the opposite - I’d always had a concern my dad might not be my biological dad

My parents split up when I was 4 and I have a good relationship with him so if it it turned out to be the case (I’m 41 now) it would just be one of those things.

When my wife and I did 23 and me on a whim his cousin showed up on there as my second cousin - which while not definitive was enough to give me some reassurance lol

I think it’s good to know wether your dad is truly your dad. Your friend also found out that his mom’s 100% a genetic whore - good to know.


I’ve heard stories from friends of them taking the tests multiple times and coming back with different results. So, your boy may want to do a few tests before he breaks the news to his parents.

Also, my friends brother found out that he and his wife are not so distant cousins. Small, Egyptian community so totally believable. Beware.


Results can’t be that different. That’s impossible. The main work -comparing genetic sequences- is done by computers but there is room for interpretation. However, it’s definitely getting more difficult the more mixed you are, especially if your parents come from far and away places or if there’s overlap in European stock.

Distant cousins are a-ok. As long as this is not culturally enforced, 3-5th degree cousins will often be attracted to each other. 5th degree cousins are ideal partners because there is enough meaningful overlap but enough distance.

Coworker found out that her dad wasn’t her dad. Mom still refuses to admit it.
She looks just like all that guys other kids.

Why anyone would willfully give a private company their DNA to do God knows what with after is beyond me.


Because it’s pretty difficult to find out the specifics of your DNA without using one of these companies.
Don’t get me wrong, I agree with you but for a lot of people who have some kind of doubt or mystery, it’s just worth the risk of what the companies might end up doing with your info, just to end whatever mystery they may have.

They will have your DNA at some point and there’s nothing anybody can do about it because it’s relatively easy and they don’t even need your samples. Kind of like facebook triangulates your friends before they know it
So you might as well get some good use out of the science:

  • get to know your potential genetic shortcomings and treatments
  • same for your kids
  • find out who’s been a whore
  • connect to distant family members
  • reconstruct your family history

On the - “who’s been a ho” front, I got contacted by someone who shows up as a distant relative but within 3 or 4 generations to me based on shared dna content (at a minimum connected at the great grandfather generation level or possibly earlier). She’s got a very comprehensive family tree going on so was trying to work out where we had a common relative.

There’s no obvious one connection so we basically worked out that someone did the dirty a few generations back and had an illegitimate kid that spawned my bastard line


What are you afraid their going to clone you, kill you and replace you with the clone to screw your life up with a perfect copy of you but with a bigger dick?


Well now I am.


A friend of mine grew up thinking his grandfather was 1/2 Native American. After he took the DNA test it turns out his grandfather was 1/2 African American. My buddy has a custom chest tattoo that represents his his Native American ancestry.


This is just stupid.

“They” can only get your DNA and share it in the databases if they get a sample from you.

Just like Facebook can only get your pictures and information if you sign up.

There’s no good reason to put your DNA information in the public domain.


Well, you’re completely wrong. “They” only need 1, maybe 2% tops, then everybody can be identified rather easily. As to your specific sequence, why would you give a crap? Do you think somebody will clone you and proceed to do unspeakable experiments with the results? Really, I’m having a hard time understanding the premise.

Please explain to me how the people at 23 and me (or any of the other places) can add my DNA to their databases if I don’t provide a sample?

I give a crap for the same reason I don’t share ANY personal information randomly online. That includes pictures on Facebook (or other sites), SS number, phone numbers, work history, etc.

Yes, some of that information can be found as a matter of public record or in specific searches, but it’s not something I’m going to offer up to the world to download and use at their leisure.

The benefit for me is almost zero, so there’s no reason for me to do it.

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I meant that they could identify you without a problem.
Other than from your relatives, in the future, DNA can be extrapolated from all sort of sources. For instance, a voice sample can be used to aggregate a person’s facial characteristica.
They don’t need your DNA but if the need arises they will have a pretty good idea of how it looks like. You, on the other hand, do need your DNA for all sorts of reasons.

I actually found my long lost half sister.

Father was married and fathered a kid before he met my mom. First wife took the kid and bolted after they got divorced and he never saw her again. Basically drove him to the bottle and early death (he died when I was 17). Fast forward 30 years I do ancestry.com DNA test and it links family members I had only heard of and one of my long lost cousins.

I asked them about my half sister and they said “Oh I think I went to high school with her”. Found her on facebook and started talking to her. She never knew our dad and didn’t even have a pic of him.


Respectfully, you’re talking yourself in circles.

“In the future” and “pretty good idea” are fun things to talk about, but without a sample of my DNA, nobody is going to be able to do any kind of DNA matching.

I do agree with your point that “You, on the other hand, do need your DNA for all sorts of reasons”.

Fortunately I always have it with me…

If two close relatives are in a database they can get their hands on, they got you period.
Now as long as you’re not a criminal, who cares? This is where we ultimately disagree- I don’t know the downsides of sharing my DNA with a private company.