230 lb baseball players are on....

steroids but 260 lb football players are just strong. Just read that on an espn story. Well put!

haha lol

FAT!?!? Not really. Linemen just have to be as big as possible, there is PLENTY of muscle under that fat.

im in no way saying that pro football players dont do the illegal enhancers, but to keep it in perspective....it is usually the bigger kids who get thrown into football pads...

whether it is in high school or before that, football players are going to be bigger than the general pro athlete from another sport

where the drugs will make them bigger, they are still going to be huge anyway

I totally agree, there's a lot to that. It's just a funny comparison. I'd put my money on Bonds, Sheffield and Giambi testing positive, maybe not now, but almost certainly in the past. THG supposedly is very weak but most people don't use just 1 type of steroid. The silly thing is that all 3 could be good without them. maybe not 73 HR's good, but now that doesn't matter. OOPS!

"they dont make a ten HR guy a 50 HR guy, but they help "

ever heard of brady anderson??? here are his home runs by season, from his first full one...

21,13,12,16,50,18,18,24,19,8...one of those seasons is not like the others, not one of his other seasons is even half of the 50 home run one

the drugs make great players superior...and enables them to lengthen their careers and produce and make HUGE contracts

bonds was never close to a 65 home run guy, you are talking about a guy, who before 2000, averaged 33homers, 96 rbis, 100 walks...since 2000 he has averaged 53 homers, 110 rbis and 160 walks

before 2000 he hit 40+ homeruns 3 times...and has hit 45+ every season since 2000

his productivity was level through his late 20s and early 30s, then in his mid to late 30s he starts to explode offensively...and these are statistically dramatic changes

think about it this way, no player in history...including Aaron, Ruth, Mantle, Williams, McGwire etc... have ever increased their home run production in the last third of their career, from the 2nd third, except for bonds...expample being his home run production in years 7-12 vs yrs 13-18 of his career

home runs have been way up since the strike and that is a function, partially due to the steroids...remember that the biggest thing to hit baseball in a long time was McGwire vs Sosa...it brought the game national attention and renewed popularity...there is no question whether they were on roids or not, but baseball turned a blind eye to it, since america was enthralled with the spectacle...

before now there was no penalty for juicing, so players could judge for themselves if the risk/reward was great enough for them...not that there is much of a penalty now, but its a start at least...and you will see this year the home run production drop off this year even more than it did last year

i totally agree, if bonds never juiced he would have been a first ballot hall of famer..but for whatever reason, he felt the need

he was fast enough to be a leadoff, but his power made him a #4 hitter, he could steal bases and his speed made up for his arm in the outfield...his production since 2000 is obscene, but oh well