24 hours before fight....opinion bad exp in PA

I recently fought in Greensburg, Pa, in an MMA event, I was actually in the main event fight. I have 13 pro fights and had a terrible experience there all due to the athletic commission and Greg Serb...I traveled from Florida and we had the customary weigh in the night before. I obviously jumped thru all the hoops needed to get licensed prior and was ready to make weight and get ready for the fight. But after the weigh ins was informed that I needed to be back at 9am for "pre fight" physical next day !!! I was very surprised but they said thats the deal so I had to deal with it...usually I get a great meal and watch a movie and sleep in late especially since I would probably fight at 10pm. But the catch was when we got to the "pre fight" physical...there was NO DOCTOR or physical !!! We signed a piece of paper and were told to be back at 5pm (fight day) for the physical again !!! I really was sick of seeing my opponent and the rest of the fighters and need the sleep and relaxation and was very very upset...so I asked him(Greg Serb) why we came just to sign a piece of paper and he replied with "i like to see all the fighter early on fight day and you guys are lucky I even let you all weigh in the day before anyways"....I was appalled man and the whole expeience ruined my preparation as i only got 4 hours of sleep the night before...i usually sleep in and eat and it was impossible to fall back to sleep again as well as having to be back AGAIN at 5pm which is still early to report and to boot..the doctor didnt show til 6pm !!! I didnt eat my prefight meal til 7pm and barely could eat due to nerves...is this as proposterous as I feel it was brcause i will never fight in PA again..opinions please !!!

 is Greg a commision guy or witth the promoter?

Greg Serb os commissioner....night mare

 Greg Sirb runs a really tight ship. He has buttoned me a couple of times over records keeping stuff and he was tough, but right.

yes i felll asleep around 4 and was up around 800....i am a late person and usually sleep til 12 or 1 on fight day...i even got on that schedule and started working out around 9pm to get my clock ready to fight...so i would feel good for fight at 10 pm so the 9 am really threw me off...i was pissed also especially when we got up for NOTHING !!! I did not win but knew things were going south when i couldnt even take a nap during day ..i was chasing sleep and eating..that day not good

after weigh ins....the fighter should always get the next 24 hours to himself and not have it broken up by some anal control freak commissioner....i almost called promoter and told him my preparation had been compromised and I was out...and as I said, physical was completed til 6 pm !!! and i couldnt eat before cause too early...just a mess