$25 - Asics Wrestling Shoe Blowout

$25 Asics Wrestling Shoe Blowout! Just thought I'd bring people another good deal. I bought out a liquidation lot of 19 pairs of Asics wrestling shoes and I am selling them all for $25 a pair plus $5 shipping. If you buy2 or more pair the price drops to $22 per pair! There is no shipping charge if you are local to Austin, TX. They are the Unrestrained ($45 MSRP), Medalist ($45 MSRP), Jackal ($59 MSRP) and Les Gutches ($59 MSRP) models. I have a number of smaller sizes, perfect for women (men's sizes are usually one full size larger than the same numbered women's size) If you are interested in a pair act fast, email me at paul@txmma.com. These are not on the TXMMA website, if you email me your model and size preference I will email you back a Paypal invoice so you can pay over the internet via credit card, Paypal, or eCheck. I have something like 400 verified transactions with Paypal, where I am a verified business account, and over 450 positive feedbacks on Ebay under "paul.erickson", and plenty of happy customers on here and Sherdog, so fear not.This is an inventory of sizes I have (All men's sizes): Jackal (black/white): 8.5, 11 (3 pcs), 11.5 (2 pcs)
Gutches (navy/silver): 7.5
Unrestrained (black/silver): 7.5 (3 pcs), 8, 8.5, 11 (4 pcs), 11.5 (2pcs)
Medalist (black/white): 7.5
Unrestrained first, Jackal second:Gutches: (navy/silver, not the colors in photo):Medalist: (black/white, not colors in photo)

How many do you still have left?

Most of them, only sold a couple of the 11's and one of the 8's so far.