25 toughest men...


I can't believe Hughes is behind a journalist.

TTT great article.

Ultimate Fighter " 30 " Hillsboro, Illinois
WHAT MAKES HIM TOUGH Matt Hughes was destined for fighting glory. He was a two-time Illinois state high school champion, a two-time junior college All-American, and a two-time NCAA All-American wrestler. Though he stands only five-foot-nine and weighs only 170 pounds, the five-time defending Ultimate Fighting Championship welterweight world champion is making it nearly impossible for UFC fight coordinator Joe Silva to do his job. "I don't want him fighting people that aren't real challenges," says Silva. "It's not that he'd just win -- he'd freakin' wreck them. Without a doubt he's the toughest fighter pound for pound in this sport." To win his belt at UFC 34, Hughes knocked former world champ Carlos Newton unconscious after slamming him against the mat. For his fifth defense, against Frank Trigg, Hughes jumped like a tree monkey onto Trigg's back, choking him until Trigg fell over backward and tapped out so the referee would stop the fight. When Hughes isn't training for a fight, he still manages to put in 15-hour days on the family farm he grew up on, running the combine and tilling corn fields. But when he is training, he's all business. A month out from a match he's been known to do sets of 110 leg presses with 450 pounds on the rack, sprint quarter-mile hills 14 times in a row with barely a rest, and fight fresh fighters one after another for five straight rounds.

EYEWITNESS "The last six guys he's fought have all been killers, with very good credentials, and he's just crushed them," says Joe Silva. "He beats them up badly."

WHAT'S NEXT Hughes is set to defend his title again in June, but, he says, "If there was any money on the farm, I'd give up fighting and go back home right now."

also on the list Brett Farve, John McCain (ironically the Senator that got UFC off the air) and Steve-O from Jackass.


steve-o is damm tough

I think there are mma fighters more deserving of being on that list than Hughes.

They mentioned Jet Li. I think Jacky Chan is tougher.

It's cool they've included ultimate fighter at all.
They shou;ld've included Couture or Royce Gracie. these dudes are tough.

Winnig MMA tournament embodies thoughness, so Coleman might be there somewhere.

Good choice. Couture or CroCop would be good choices, too. It's not just fighting, but also their lifestyle.

What about that dude that cut his arm off to get out from under the rock?

LOL @ # 25, Hillary Clinton is the 25'th toughest guy in america, that can't be good

lol, didn't notice that one...

Lol at Jet Li "using a woman as human nunchuks"

Bwahahahah what the fuck?

rampage is tougher

Hillary Clinton is the 25'th toughest guy in america

you know none of the guys on the list felt good about it right away, after seeing her on the same list.



Lol at Jet Li "using a woman as human nunchuks" Probably a reference to the scene in "Romeo Must Die" where Li "dances" with Aaliyah in a way that allows Aaliyah to beat up the villian (a woman).

I can't think of anyone tougher than Noguiera. Where did he rank on the list :)

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"TTT great article."

7 MEL GIBSON? go back to school.

What about Oleg Taktarov? Vasily Jirov? Mark Hall?
Just kidding about Mark Hall.

LOL@ Steve-O's occupation listed as "Jackass"