250,000 Users on the OG?

Today’s Cake Day has about 700 accounts created on this date. If one assumes that this is a representative number, then multiplied by a year we have about a quarter of a million accounts that have cycled through this place.

Other estimates?
How many active vs. defunct?

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249,900 are Steve accts.


Can you fill me in on the inside story behind this? I’ve seen it a million times on here.

Basically a dude with schizophrenia has a lot of time on his hands.

There are about 200 active accounts used by 6 people. I am the only solo artist here.

280,317 accounts all-time


You have to admit I was close.

Hi Steve.

I am NOT Steve. Just FYI.


The feeling I’m getting…


Me figuring out the alts based on projected percentages…
Thinking Think GIF by Rodney Dangerfield

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We are all Steve.

You’re the weasel

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Wait until Dec 31st. Everyone who joined prior to a certain point, all had their join dates set to 12/31/00. There’ll be a lot of “cake day” icons that day

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That accounts for my estimate being short 30,000.

  1. How
  2. Dare
  3. YOU?
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Thanks for answering.
How many are active? I assume you have stats for the new engine? Are you willing to share that number? Or what your realistic goal for the new site is? Just curious.

You’re still the bottom and we continue to depreciate your efforts.