250GBG showing up128GB???

Well if you read my earlier thread, I had a problem with my internet. To make a long story short i reinstalled XP.

Now my 250GB, that i had installed and had partitioned at 3 x 80 GB is reading 128GB.

I don't care about what got erased. it was 2 movies and 4 albums that i can get back in 1 day..

How do i make it read 250GB again though???

plzz help.


what's showing it as 128? Windows? Fdisk or whatever the partition thing on the Windows CD is now, or is it an application like Paritition Magic? I'm thinking Partition Magic will fix your problems, it's just about always fixed weird problems like that for me. And the few times Partition Magic hasn't worked for me, I've plugged the drive in as a slave on a working computer and used the formating software that comes on the Maxtor CD with Maxtor hard drives, I think it's called MaxBlast or something. That applicatoin doesn't care, it'll take a drive and brutally format the entire thing for you

lol @ it'll take a drive and brutally format the entire thing for you


I'm going to run the software it came with again, life guard tools.

Seriously man, I've had drives and partitions that Windows and Partition Magic have refused to format. I run MaxBlast (or whatever it's called) and tell it to format either the drive or the partitions, it doesn't care, it doesn't complain, it has no conscious, it just goes through and wipes everything out without a care in the world. Windows and Partition Magic stand on the sidelines watching in disbelief chanting "SHOCK AND AWE! SHOCK AND AWE!"

Seriously, any time I couldn't format something for whatever stupid reason, MaxBlast has never cared and has just wiped the drive or partition out for me. You just tell it what to do, point it in the right direction, and it'll forge a path ahead


great discription. thanks.

Will it work for my western digital though? or is it exclusively for maxtor drives?

I've used it on a couple other drives before so it's not exclusive to maxtor

it says you have to have at least 1 maxtor drive in your box.

I have 2 WD.

I'll give partion magic a try when i get home and deal with all these other problems reinstalling XP gave me.

It won't pick up any plug ins (external burner, cam, wireless mouse and keyboard). I run the wizards and nothing. I've update all the drivers and ran the cd's that came with each.