25cent Webcast UG price!!!! HitMan

Check out the Fight Card:  www.hitmanfights.com

Underground mmaers!!

to sign up go to


UG pays only 25cents for the 8 Fights tonight @ 8p.m.





good price

but where do i insert the quarter?

Good Card 4 a quata.


how do we get it for 25cents? it says $6

Paid my Paypal .25

Got a username and password

Downloaded the required software.

If I try to signup as a returning user it prompts me to pay full price.

If I try to signup as a new user it says username taken.


I can't get my computer to download the video software!! This sucks I want to watch my boy Jeremiah Constant whoop some ass!!!!

working for me. signed up earlier,went there now ,clicked to watch and it came on,didnt need password or anything. Try it again

when does it start?

Wow...WTF? event supposed to be started, and it doesnt look like there are even 20 people there.


Fucking bizarre

does anyone at least have results. My buddy paid for it and said that there have not been any fights shown and now they are cleaning up trash at the event!!!

I thought it was another application I was having trouble running on my Commodore 64.

Lay of hitmans nuts bitches, or Ill judo throw you througha fucking wall.