26 ft. Round Throwdown Cage for Sale

 Have a 26 ft round Throwdown cage for sale to someone looking to open up a gym or upgrade. This cage has two entry/exit doors and has only been used once at a promotion in Phoenix, AZ. The cage comes with all bumpers and padding.

Paid $28,500 asking $13,500. This cage can be used in a promotion if it will be set on a stage otherwise it would be perfect for a training gym. Please email aaron@webelementsinc.com for pics or detail.

 Here is one pic: http://s583.photobucket.com/albums/ss272/wickpost/?action=view&current=EVOMMATHEBEGINNING8.jpg 


paid $28k & only asking $13,5K....why are you taking such a hit???

 Original cash investor wants to liquidate and that is his price. It is a great deal and there is absolutly nothing wrong with the cage. I think with the floor tarp it came out to $29.6k but it has all of our sponsors on it....

 How do I get a pic on here, Is there a server available I can host it on???

 You paid nearly $30,000 dollars for a cage & it did not include a foundation?

30K for a 26 foot cage!?

I thought they were like 10K brand new now a days?

 It does have a foundation but it was custom built by Throwdown to only have a 6 inch lift because the arena we hosted our MMA promotion at had a built-in 3 foot high center stage which we could not remove.

The cage goes have a standard sub-floor so you will get the same feel as a standard cage.

 Thrown cages are more expensive due to the quality and engineering...

Post the URL address and I will do the rest...or just go to photobucket.com & upload it there.


A round cage will always cost alot more compared to a cage with straight sides,but this guy got snookered IMO. 

Damn... thats krazy to pay that much for a cage, i can probably build one myself for about 5k! lol ... carry on.

Also i would like to add that Throwdown cages are very nice, i've taken one apart to load onto a truck and i noticed it was very well built.

 Big thanks to Crowbar!

Here is a pic of the cage: http://s583.photobucket.com/albums/ss272/wickpost/?action=view&current=EVOMMATHEBEGINNING8.jpg 

Sweet cage.

EVOMMATHEBEGINNING8.jpg 26 ft Round Cage picture by wickpost

Looks nice!



 If this sells from a contact on mma.tv we will give $500.00 to a charity or fighter of Kirik's choice.

ttt, wish i could buy it..

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