27 Year Old Women Pulled Over With 26lbs of Cocaine

She’s so calm holly shit. Feel bad for her. Love the cop discussing the No license ticket not being a big deal as they’re pulling pounds and pounds of cocaine out of her car.


She’s a good mule, but a terrible driver.



Why did the k9 crew show up? Was there something that tipped the officer off?

Why did they go to a random tow yard? Seemed like after finding the initial coke, they had enough to book and take the truck back to home office to search

Why did they wait to long to arrest?

Don’t think it was intentional but a bit of a dick move letting the No license ticket be forgiven. No exactly the stressor of her day

Always interested in the fallout from busts like this. Who takes the loss? Look at the huge busts that happen at customs - someone has to take the hit

If I was smuggling drugs, I’d get the most basic car on the planet. Drive below the speed limit just enough to get the figure but not enough for someone to go full road rage. I’d check all my lights every time getting out n the car

Just saying


They can flip and work for task or go to prison is usually the deal. There’s always a bigger fish to get on the hook. I’m not sharing why this car looked juicy.


No I mean between the drug suppliers/traffickers. One side sent the large amount of drugs that got seized and not a cent of profit will be made . There has to be protocols that drug kingpins follow in situations like this. Perhaps the group that sent the drugs just chalks it up as a loss

Think the markup takes care of it. Cost of doing business. It’s the smuggler’s blues


From other videos I’ve seen, apparently there are certain roads that are known for trafficking guns, drugs, money, people, etc. I watched a video the other day where a guy got busted with a kilo. He went to court and got off because of a situation just like this. Judge said they had no reason to run a dog on his car.

Sometimes, but the smart weight is moved in very conspicuous ways. They usually don’t move weight in a shit box car with a gangbanger with face tats. They learn from us and we learn from them. But if you get pinched, you probably fucked up because real weight is usually very carefully planned


This guy gets caught with a shitload of cocaine and beats it in court. He’s been arrested before on drug charges, being there during a murder, and he beats this case lol

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Dumb to be driving with dark tinted windows, why not broken tail lights and no license plate?

She seemed to have gotten off easy with only 2 years of jail sentence for smuggling that much coke?

Lastly, that was the most cordial search and arrest I’ve ever seen. Surprised they didn’t offer her coffee or tea during the process.


they always have a car with something stoppable, or they drive like tards with no turn signals or somethin
fuckin dummies dont realize they have to do everything possible to not get pulled over?


I wonder if self driving cars will make it more difficult to come up with reasons to stop a car


One was stopped in SF cause the headlights were off

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I’m sure high level cartel/mafia types have the common sense for this, but I doubt the gangbanger Scarface wanna be’s do.

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Yep, the local drug trafficking groups were using older white people to move their product. This probably worked for quite awhile as no one suspects older white couples working with what are usually black or brown drug gangs

The best would probably be to have someone like this haul it but not actually know they’re hauling it…kinda like Cheech and Chong with their pot van!

Cheech and Chong are the gold standard.

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There is a supreme court ruling that says the police cant make you wait an unreasonable time in a traffic stop for a police dog to show up.