2732 days since Stipe fought someone on the current roster

And that was against Arlovski

And Arlovski is the only current roster fighter on Stipe’s record


Maybe it’s just cause I watched a video earlier about bootleg action figures and memorabilia knock offs from the 80s and 90s, but some of Stipe’s opponent names from 2010-2011 look like dollar store versions somebodies.

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Bobby Brent’s
Will Penn, (BJ Penn)
Jeremy Holm (Jeremy Horn,Holly Holm)
Paul Barry (Pat Barry


Jon will obviously be a heavy favourite and I’m rooting for him.

But by the way MMA is going these days imma stick £50-£100 on Stipe to win

that’s fine but look at the dudes he fought. dc. overeem. francis. and junior.

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He fought murderers row





You forgot Gray Maynard


I knew I forgot one, and the most obvious one at that

The only guy he beat in his prime was Werdum who was already in his mid 30s

Everyone else was old as fuck and worn out

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Good call. That money will help counteract the negative emotions you’ll experience when Khabib’s GOAT status is cemented if Jon loses.

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The most surprising fact to me was that AA is still a UFC fighter at 44. Totally missed that he fought this summer.


Last time Stipe fought someone on the current roster, I still drank.

In his last five Hendo went 2-3 and was ranked like 12th or 14th in the division when UFC gave him the title shot vs Bisping.

Skipped over tons of more deserving challengers like Romero, Jacare, Mousasi etc… to do it too.

Then Aldo got skipped over on a three fight win streak over three top ten fighters with two finishes and had to fight Merab instead for his last fight despite the fact he was so active and winning and all TJ had done was got KOed by Cejudo, got caught cheating and won a single split decision and he got the title shot instead of Aldo.

UFC makes some terrible decisions with title shots and obviously giving Stipe the title shot after being inactive for 2 1/2 years and not winning a fight for well over 3 years makes this one of the worst title shots in UFC history.

Title shots should be about the fights you won in the past year not the fights you won five or eight years ago.


Doesn’t surprise me although Stipe was a great champion he hardly fights…

He has fought just 6 times in the last 7 years.

Don’t know why Dana let the UFC turn into Boxing with champions and top contenders struggling to fight once a year.

Adesanya being a notable exception for which he deserves more credit than he gets IMHO.

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I will bet on Stipe.

Buy me something nice Stipe!

Strickland had to go 7-2 in the same period of time Stipe went 0-1 and they both got current title shots of that.

Such a fucking joke of a title shot this one is.


Jones knows exactly what he’s doing. This fight is simply for his legacy. He knows the narrative will be he beat the best at LHW and HW, when in reality most of his best wins on paper were against guys he beat well past their primes.

Note: I’m not entirely blaming him. He came up when the old guard were on their way out (Rua, Rampage, Machida, Belfort), and he couldn’t help that. But a fight with Stipe should have happened years ago. Now this fight is just for Jon’s ego and legacy.