29 WrestleMania's in 25 days

Just subscribed to the Network. Attempting to re-watch every 'Mania before my journey to New Orleans. What's everyone else who subscribed getting into? Anyone else starting with all the WrestleMania's? Maybe I should just watch every main event? Phone Post 3.0

Pretty random what I watch.

A lot of the time I'll just watch whatever they are playing. Right now it's a top 10 finishing moves.

You'll have fun at mania. Phone Post 3.0

Yeah every time I've logged in today I've gotten stuck on what's showing live for a bit. This is going to become a terrible addiction. Phone Post 3.0

Watching every WWF/E PPV in order from the first Wrestlemania. I'm up to 1990, and there have been some pretty hard to watch events, but I'm toughing my way through them.

Oh wow, I can imagine that could be a rocky road. Coming up on the legendary Tuesday in Texas! Phone Post 3.0

Thankfully I work from home, so I have all day to do this shit. Funny thing, my wife who is also a big wrestling fan always manages to walk into the room every time that Rick Rude does his prematch routine, which she absolutely hates. It's been good for a lot of laughs around here.

Watched that one the other night. Haven't seen it since 91.

Jake was on fire in that one! Phone Post 3.0

Yeah Jake was by far at the top of his game. That was during he and Savages feud after the "snakebite heard 'round the world". Remember being spoiled that week after being allowed to order Survivor Series then Tuesday in Texas so close. Never had two PPVs within 3 months of each back then. Phone Post 3.0

Nobody ever gives Savage enough credit for the balls he had letting that viper bite his arm. De-venomized or not snake bites fuckin hurt.

Wow just watched mania 3 and the crowd throwing trash and drinks at bobby and Andre on their way to the back is classic. Hogan was never as over as that moment thanks to Andre. Phone Post 3.0