2Aers... Anyone into starting a well regulated militia?

I hear their argument against the 2nd Amendment… So why not start a well regulated militia gathering. Focused on gun safety, cleaning, maintenance, difference in caliber, and target practice

Done county wide, and you have a well regulated militia.

at least i believe so

This is how the Michigan plot got started. Get outta here Fed.


Nah. Just call the argument out for the bullshit it is.

The militia is guaranteed no rights. The people are. End of.


Sorry I was thinking of an old country boy way to bypass that argument

Nice try, feddie bitch.


Oh, well if you wanna go old country boy…

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yea I was thinking mor like once a month meetings lol

I’m just trying to get people, on a local level, to get people to quit bitching about that one segment in the 2A

“Well regulated” is the complete opposite of “no regulation” or “limited/low regulation”.

Making a militia will not change this.

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Sounds like a trap lol.


For anyone reading this, anyone asking you to do anything like this online is in law enforcement. Lol regular people don’t organize online, well maybe they do who knows I wouldn’t know lol.


Fun fact: When the 2A was written, bullets (percussion ammunition) had not even been invented yet.

Do you think the founding fathers would have written the second amendment the same way if they had right wing terrorist attack mass shootings every other day carried out by young males armed with semi-auto modern sporting rifles?

  • Yes
  • No

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dude, been an OGer for aq long time. Just buzzed and tossing it out there.

Imagine the people of Hong Kong had AR-15’s. People are going to do evil shit you can’t nerf the world.


Lol do you honestly think it was safer back then with less violent crime?

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And why do we have the 2nd? Do you know the reason behind it?

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BTW I just mean county wide. City if itake it.

In a local community it’s good to have fellow guys you can rely on in a crisis situation.

Not ideal to start any sort of 2A group online though, as that’s about all the feds do these days (entrapment).