2Jupes interviews Tim Sylvia

2jupiterstoomany interviewed Tim Sylvia on Saturday and since he is in private message exile until tito posts in his futa1 thread, I am posting the following on his behalf:


I talked to Tim after his first-round TKO victory over (19-18) Vince Lucero on December 11, 2010. Vince looked to have injured his knee and Tim capitalized, chopping his oak tree arms against the fallen log of a man. They fought as part of the CFX/Extreme Challenge 170 event in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the middle of one of the largest snow storms in the State's history. Lucero collapsed in relative harmony with the roof of the Metrodome.


Let's be honest, whatever you think of Sylvia, he's carved out a niche in MMA that only he can fit into (as opposed to things like compact vehicles, coach airplane seats and probably telephone booths). My first-time impression? It was a pleasure to talk to the big man. He was happy but not too eager to get in front of a camera, and I think he genuinely enjoyed just hanging out with his friends at an event that turned out to be a little disappointing.



Until Jupiter

What did he mumble at the end regarding Koscheck?

Good little interview. Interesting to put a face to the screen name.

donniejessup - i

whoever shot this should be shot because the video sucks and we don't have a clear view of the enigmatic 2 jupiters.

 This.  We only see one Jupiter.  Hey, Jupes, what about uranus??

The General said "apocalyptic" and Sylvia, blew through the question...

Dressed like BLAF with the vocabulary of Whitman...no wonder he was able to move men for over 1 year without an end in sight.

-Until FUTA

 2Jupes is too cool!  And tall.



dabigchet - time for tim's return. UFC could use him in the mix again. would make a good comeback fight for carwin.

I'm sure I'll catch shit for this but I could see Tim possibly winning this.


2jupes was so calm and chill I thought ther interview was taking place In the Land of The Lounge Lizards.