$2k to blow - what buy?

(Not interested in hearing investing/saving advice, this is meant to be purely related to toys/tech/tats/etc, in a hypothetical sense.)

I have been doing some research and I think I want to buy a quadcopter (aka "drone") to do some aerial photo/video work.  Top candidate right now is the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ V3.  I figure I can use it to put together some nice video of my car, but also of all of the places I travel.  As a bonus, the price for these bad boys just dropped on Amazon from $1350-ish to $1169. 

For reference:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30HDdocMyAk

What about you, OGers?  What buy?


Real doll Phone Post 3.0

Two chicks at the same time

Blow Phone Post 3.0

A savings account Phone Post 3.0

Blow on blow Phone Post 3.0

Buy a bug-a-salt. Best 35$ you'll ever spend. Phone Post 3.0

dizz - Two chicks at the same time
Only correct answer. Phone Post 3.0

10,000 snow pea skins
45 canisters of blueberry jelly
Night vision monocle
An entire collection of megaladon teeth (maybe an entire jaw perhaps)
A trigger mechanism for an old timey gun (has to be pre revolutionary war)
A new pair of Bowling shoes
A hibachi grill
A replica Viking sword
And a Guy Fieri recipe book Phone Post 3.0

Worthy addition...

1,000,000 eminems carved into pentagrams, all of which have your likeness painted on the front of them. Phone Post 3.0