2nd BJJ black with bad cardio?

Imagine a 2nd degree BJJ blackbelt decided to take it easy for six months or got in a car accident and sat in a hostpital bed for a while or something. He got real out of shape. He resembled a typical businessman. He could barely sprint without being out of breath or do 20 pushups. His technique stayed the same though because he still had a grapping dumby near-by. If a good blue or purple in excellent shape recently rolled with him, who would most likely win in a BJJ match? gi and no-gi


I'm only a 1st gegree BB, and I am quitting BJJ for about 6-9 months to focus on mountain biking. I will do zero grappling.

I'll report how I do my first day back. Should be interesting.

You cant do anything when you're tired. None of your techniques work, except maybe your defense. If the blue or purple is in great shape and has decent technique, he can put enough pressure to gas the BB quickly and eventually dominate on points, at the very least.

Try doing anything when you cant breathe. Your muscles are worthless and you are going to be too slow to take advantage of anything your opponent gives you. Cardio is a factor when both particpants are trained.


I would say it depends on the time of the match and the competitor.

Yeah but most BB know how to relax and not gas as easy as you'd expect... And most Brazilians that I know never get in to bad of shape! lol

You can't fake endurance!

I have actually seen a similar scenario happen first hand, only the Black Belt was more than 2nd dan, but horribly out of shape...it was more like several years of gradual decline...good teacher, and he could still handle most blue belts at the time, (we didn't have any purples back then) but he tapped to a large fit blue belt in the club once. And no, I won't mention his name.

Contrary to popular belief, black belts are people too and subject to the laws of aging, fitness, gravity..etc.

A good purple in awesome shape is a handful to all but the very best.

I doubt rickson would be rickson if he wasn't as flexible, strong, and had good cardio.

007, I doubt you're break from BJJ will be the same. You'll be doing lots of cardio work with your mountain biking. However, I am curious how you'll do techniquewise. Keep us posted.

robson pereira by cock lock

LOL@Robson pereira

Liborio didn't train for a whole YEAR - came back one day just for fun and tapped most of the Carlson Gracie BB Team at practice on a hot summer day.

Heard it firsthand from Rodrigo Medeiros. He said alot of guys wanted to quit that day cause they had been practicing like madmen while Liborio was out.

Getting spanked and owned by an out of shape Liborio was a crusher.

From what Rod told he was just being a couch potato.


You guys lay off of Robson Pereira.  In a five-man Rat Pack tournament, he beat blues and whites to take first place.

I am certainly no indicator of how good a Blackbelt is, but I do intend on stopping by Robson's place and rolling with him. I will be able to tell if he is really a Blackbelt though. When I do check his place out, I will give a full report on here.

Of course, that is if he will actually roll with me. LOL

andre, correct.. cardio is the fuel.. and with out fuel you are fucked.

everyone becomes a white belt when they get tired enough, it just takes some longer than others to gas to that point.

Equal size/strength, the blue belt shouldnt give much problems, but the purple definately could; especially if they are at upper part of the purple food chain.

Is 007 Pistol Pete?

"Is 007 Pistol Pete?"

Nah..think of the movie character 007. Same last name. ;)

"id like to thnk that a purple belt shouldnt be able to tap a black belt"

Purples catch blacks. You don't get to purple unless you have a game and have relatively good finishes. If the BB makes a big enough mistake and the purple capitalizes, he's gonna get caught.