2nd fight: Trigg vs Charuto

This is the second televised fight of the night.

Two of the most skilled and talented fighters of the night. Should be a good one. Charuto will win.

whos favored?

I am going with Trigg!

"whos favored?"

Good question.


One of the nicest guys your meet eva...

One time for the Warriors the Brazilian Solider!!

Charuto is favored

"Charuto is favored"

By how much?


Inside fighting has amazing coverage

Round One

Herb Dean starts off the fight and the action begins with both fighters touching gloves. Both fighters come forward immediately and meet in the clinch, with Charuto missing with a hook that Trigg ducks under. Trigg and Charuto are fighting in the clinch, with Trigg driving Charuto to the fence while working for a takedown. Charuto defends well, and reverses positions and is now pushing Trigg against the fence.

Three minutes and forty-five seconds left in the first round, with Trigg breaking free and stepping backwards. Charuto lands two straight rights that stun Trigg, forcing him to cover up and shoot immediately. Trigg secures the takedown, getting Charuto against the fence.

Charuto working for submissions off of his back against the fence. Charuto almost lands a triangle, but Trigg defends well and escapes. Charuto then transitions to a leglock attempt, once again against the fence, and once again with Trigg defending. Charuto attempts another triangle, but Trigg lands some heavy punches to Charuto’s face.

Trigg stands up and steps back, wanting to engage Charuto in the standup. Charuto throws a nice jab/right combo to close the distance. Trigg attempts to throw Charuto, with Charuto ending up on his back in guard again. Charuto secures a triangle choke, but Trigg stays calm and defends, eventually escaping to a cheering crowd.

Trigg stands up out of Charuto’s guard while Charuto remains on his back, and Trigg lands a right hand while still standing as time expires in the round.

Go Trigg!

Go Trigg...

awesome fight

Sounds like an exciting 1st round. Who do you think won it Striker?

Round Two

The second round begins with Charuto and Trigg both standing at a distance and pawing with jabs. Charuto drops down and shoots in on Trigg, with Trigg sprawling and defending well. Trigg momentarily has his back against the fence, but Trigg escapes and steps away. Charuto lands a right hand, Trigg counters with a right hand of his own, and both fighters stand in front of one another, landing punches. Charuto is rocked by a huge Trigg left hook and is covering up on his knees, with Trigg standing over him and raining down elbows to the back of Charuto’s head.

Herb Dean warns Charuto to defend himself or he will stop the fight. Charuto now holding on to Trigg in half guard with three minutes left in the second round. Trigg unloading now, landing several unanswered elbows to Charuto parallel to the fence. Dean stops the fight 2:49 in the second round, as Charuto was not defending himself and seemed out of it.

trigg by gnp



Swallows crow.....yummy

GREAT win for Trigg - but I agree with Mir, he threw two clearly illegal elbows down without any sort of warning by Herb Dean.