2nd Ontario Open BJJ

Happy Holidays from Everyone at The 2nd Ontario Open BJJ Tournament!

I’m very excited to let you know that plans for our 2nd Ontario Open BJJ Tournament are coming together nicely. Building upon our success from last year’s event, everyone involved is working very hard to insure that our next tournament exceeds all of your expectations.

Our 2nd Ontario Open BJJ will take place in Pickering, Mid April. With over 600 competitors competiting in both Gi and Nogi matches during our two day tournament last May, it was very apparent that BJJ continues to grow each and every year. We had children as young as 5 competing and and adults as old as 50 participating in the event. With competitors arriving from all over Ontario, Montreal, Calgary, New Foundland and the United States, The 2nd Ontario Open BJJ is becoming an essential stop on everyone’s tournament schedule. We’re also pleased to announce that we are working hard to showcasing some black-belt matches at the tournament which will not disappoint.

A resounding success last year, we are going to utilize our pre-registration process as it allows us to schedule all of our divisions well in advance. As per this process, on the Friday before the tournament, we will release the schedule on our website, informing all of the competitors of their starting times.
Week before the tournament
Monday - Last Registration Day
Wednesday - Last day to make changes on your registration.
Friday - Schedule will be updated.

We are also moving to bigger venue for the tournament, providing our competitors, spectators and sponsors with a much more comfortable environment. As well, for the first time, a video company will be on site recording all of the matches, so you can purchase your own DVD the same day.

We are going to offer great prizes, a tremendous sponsor/vendor expo and whole lot of BJJ, make sure you don’t miss the 2nd Ontario Open BJJ Tournament!

Visit our website for more details and to know more about the prizes. www.ontarioopenbjj.com


Fernando Zulick

Wow, sounds fantastic Fernando. We'll be there for sure.


As well, for the first time, a video company will be on site recording all of the matches, so you can purchase your own DVD the same day.

Will we still be able to just have our friends record our matches for us instead of going through the video company?

Hi psychokiller

The competition area is sectioned off and only competitors and staff are allowed access. The company will be recording from inside the barricades. From the outside you can record and take pictures as well.


Thought video of all the matches was available at the Copa Ontario last year.

Hi 1armedScissor

You are probably right, I don’t really remember if it was or not available. My comment about the video is related about the Ontario Open BJJ, last may we didn't have it and this time it will be the very first time at this tournament.


Great work with these tourneys. They have become far more professional in these last few years.

I have concerns with the "Video Company." This isn't a new idea and it was used somewhere earlier this year. I'm not sure where, but it may have been a Bravado Tourney.

Either way, their pricing needs some policing. The cost was exorbitant. I think they wanted $25 for one match and $10 for each additional.

Keep up the good work!


Hi John

I am really happy with the tourneys, but I see we have more to improve, I really think that the tourneys are much better than what we are used to see, but this is not a reason to stop working hard and improving the quality.

I would like to thank the whole BJJ community for supporting; all the tournaments are made so the community can have high level competition here, with organization at the same time.

What you are doing here showing your concerns is exactly what we need, the company that I am going to work is the same used at Bravado. I will contact them for sure and express my concern about the price.

I will be contacting them and coming back here with more info as soon as possible.




Pickering is that near North Bay? As it might as well be.

Using Mapquest travel time from these locations to Pickering is:

Brantford 1hr 48min
London 2hr 34min
Hamilton 1hr 15min
Brampton 52min
Montreal 5hr 34min

People from NFLD, US, Calgary, Montreal have to fly into Toronto and then travel a distance to compete.

If weather is bad/there's traffic/there's construction easily throw more time onto the above times.

I imagine its hard to find a venue that appeases everyone. But it was mentioned before in other threads about tourney locations and if I remember correctly they were going to move a little more easterly in direction.

Regardless of the venue it will be huge and it will be an awesome tourney.

Any cash prizes???

Brantford 1hr 48min

whos in Brantford ? <br /><br />bottom line if your volunteer base is in Pickering, you do the event in pickering. I doubt the next Joslins event will take place in Brampton or Scarborough .......


Last year the tournamnet was held in Pickering and we had a massive support. the venue is just 2 minutes away after getting off the 401. Very easy access and a huge parking lot. Weather in April wont be bad I hope, traffic in a Saturday and Sunday morning should be ok.

Hey vitor3000

No cash prize, but I am working with some sponsors, and I am very close to close a deal. If everything works well we are going to give away $5K in products, gift cards and scholar membership. All winners on their respective divisions will get something, I will be posting here every time I have details, but the best place to see the prizes will be our website (www.ontarioopenbjj.com) that will be updated first.


Looking forward to this tournament, though I'm really not sure how y'all could top the Provincials. :) Awesome work this year, guys - 2010 is going to be great!

Looking forward to an awesome tournament! ttt

"Brantford 1hr 48min

whos in Brantford ? <br /><br />bottom line if your volunteer base is in Pickering, you do the event in pickering. I doubt the next Joslins event will take place in Brampton or Scarborough ......."

Joslins is once a year while these events seem to occur every few months. All of them in the Scarborough, Brampton area etc... , thats the primary difference between events as in reference to location. I agree with having to do things where you have your homebase of volunteers. But in previous threads the topic had come up and it was mentioned more central locations were being looked at.

Brantford was simply used as a location to show travel times.

Niagara Falls to Pickering 1hr 59min

No need to respond, I understand the concept of these events being where they are (volunteers, club owners run events where they are located etc...)

I guess if different clubs/owners/individuals ran tournies in more central/western spots then tournies would happen in those areas.

Might be time for the "Golden Horseshoe Spring Classic" to happen.

I bet I could make some decent coin from running a tourney. All those that know me expect an email or text from me soon.