2nd songs by One-hit wonders

Well yeah but that’s true even if you include only two bands ….


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Exactly I think it’s fair to say pound for pound the U.K. is the Entertainment Arts champion of the world

Tv, film, music

Oh, this is tribal to you. Understood. Must be killing you that Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, the Grateful Dead, Garth Brooks, Weezer & Public Enemy are all actual One Hit Wonders.

Bingo - people are on here listing artists that were live/album acts where they were wildly successful and critically acclaimed over lengthy careers and comparing them to Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex

Spaceman, by Babylon Zoo, now that was a 1 hit wonder

They had multiple number 1’s in Austria, how dare you.

For some reason I pictured this dude with a salt n pepper skullet, wearing a tie dyed t-shirt then taking a bong rip while watching the Touch of Grey official music video on an old CRT computer monitor.

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LOL… Americans are so stupid.

She’s a Beauty by the Tubes

I’m thinking they may have had another chart song but if not for Steve Lukather of Toto they be a no hit wonder

I’m not sure if this was big in the USA, Baltimora Tarzan boy.