3.5 billion

When did it become ok for a company that is worth 3.5 billion to claim it couldn't afford to pay its people?
Anyone thinking the sponcer deal servers anyone but the ufc is on crack.
Now with the firing of one of the best cut guys in the field you
cant help but see that the UFC only cares about the bottom line.
On top of that You have Dana White publicly telling fans that "No one cares what you think" Or "No one gives a fuck about you" .
I dont know about any of you people here but I for one think its time to take our sport back.
It is time for the fighters to finally stand up and say enough is enough.
It is time to group up and tell Dana WHite that his brand of shit is no longer needed in this sport.
Its time for the fighters to stand as one and say fuck you where is our share of the pie.
It is also time for us as fans to stand up and let Dana White know that we will no longer except his insulting of loyal fans and that YES someone does give a fuck.
Its time to unionize the fighters and to fire Dana White as one of the first requirements.
Before you start calling me a Dana hater look back threw my posts..... Till now I have always been supportive of Dana and the ufc but this is just bullshit pure and simple.
Telling one of the best cut men in the biz that not only can he not have his sponsors but that you cant afford to compensate him for the money he is losing because of a deal you made when you are worth 3.5 billion. And then firing him? Fuck you Dana you have seen my last dollar spent on the ufc.

I'm an MMA fan so I'm happy the UFC has taken the sport mainstream and created a global market where these athletes have these opportunities.

Spot on Phone Post 3.0

Those "Sponcer deal servers" doe.

I could use a couple of reebok servers while I study for my MCSE

stonepony - I'm an MMA fan so I'm happy the UFC has taken the sport mainstream and created a global market where these athletes have these opportunities.

they only have opportunity for reebok

they don't even own their own image

Stonepony The ufc didnt take this sport mainstream.
The fans did.
Had you been around for the start of this sport you would know that.
It was the redneck out there saying to his buddies "hay man you got to see this" It was the boxing fan that told his buddies if you think this rigged shit is good you got to see real fighting!
It was people on sites like this supporting little shows in there area and it was people who remember what Bad for the sport ment.
The ufc didnt make the sport the sport made the mistake of making the ufc and its time to correct that mistake.

Do something then! Screaming into your pillow isn't going to do anything, other than making yourself feel better for a few minutes. Phone Post 3.0

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I think blaf and co get too much credit for mma blowing up.

It was going to be popular imo whoever had the reigns. Phone Post 3.0

when did it become ok to use the word?  "Sponcer"

In America, large companies bitch about pay all the time regardless of size, where have you been?

where did you come up with 3.5 billion?

and a company being worth 3.5 billion is different than them having 3.5 billion.