*3 billion live under a dictatorship

There will be no parades, no mass protests for them.

The free counties won't care about them, they'll still products they make cheaps such as iphones, running shoes, clothing etc so long as they can save a few bucks.

The "free" country leaders will give some false lip service every couple years for trade deals to ensure their people continue to save that money.

When 16 people die in a day from executions to keep order their pictures won't be posted, they may at best be added to a guestimate statistic that only statisticians will care about.

Their people have no voice, and wish they could have the freedoms, including gun freedoms America enjoys so they could fight an oppressive regime. Instead, like in China their people get run over by tanks defensless.

Meanwhile in the West, countries such as Australia which exists under the blanket of Freedom that America provides are the first to critisize America. What occurs in Mexico is rarely cited simply because Mexico has mostly brown people and Australia has mostly white people. The left's lowered expectations at their finest.

Should America fall, so does the rest of the western world. Do you think Trudeau will defend capitalism and democratic values? The rest of the free world has a massive stake in America's democracy. How many of the left that are the first to be anti gun have any grasp of history beyond the years that they lived?

Things to consider when it comes to guns. There's a reason why so many gun owners have slippery slope positions. In Canada elected officials speak quite freely about citizens not having a right to have firearms beyond being hunters.


MarcusAurelioFan - 


you're part of the problem. Now go watch the Kardashians you bitch.

Whambo -
MarcusAurelioFan - 


you're part of the problem. Now go watch the Kardashians you bitch.

It was boring and all over the place.

How many of those dictatorships are allies of the U.S. or put in power by the U.S.?

America will fall and the World will rejoice.

NATO bitch. America can suck it , Australia is protected. 

The elites really a racist bunch. No one really gives much of a shit unless it’s something bad happening to white people (the right kind, not Slavs and not rednecks) or rich folks.

Cry harder cunt.

Rants like this are why people bitching about first world problems, whilst living in the first world grind my gears.


"The government sucks! Tear it all down!"


Bitch, you have no idea. Try saying that in a third world shithole and a death squad will be at your door raping your wife and daughters while skinning you alive. 


But hey, free love and all that.