3 Black Children Beat The White Privilege Out Of Poor Child, Steal His Bike While An Adult Films And Laughs

Breed of Peace

Whatever the flavor of the day is for blacks?

  1. The hideous act of being white?
  2. ‘Slavery’ the number 2 go-to?
  3. Use of the imaginary N word?
  4. Polar bear hunting?
  5. Imaginary yet deserved ‘disrespect’?
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The year is 2030, white people, after years of being victims, start enmasse killing ghetto people. I’ll sit back and shake my head and say, well, that sucks, but also yea…kinda saw that coming.

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Guarantee you that if the white kid would’ve beaten those two black kids , daddy filming would’ve stepped in and handled the white kid …poor kid had no chance , he should’ve just ran and jumped fence and taken off

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I miss being a kid. I fucked up a lot of kids in school. Kids of all races. My next door neighbor was 3 years older than me. He beat up a different kid every day for like 3 years. 6th through 8th grade. Man that guy was an asshole. I considered myself like mother Teresa compared to him. Made me feel good about only beating up a kid every week or 2.

Where is HokutoShithead to tell us about the time 3 black kids didn’t do anything violent and that we are idiots for being upset by this?

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Joy, singular instance videos to help stroke whatever emotions people want to choose to feel validate whatever fucked up theories they have.

Where were all the normal non ghetto black people to break it up?

Dang, that kid must have said the n-word twice. Now he knows.


This stuff rarely ever happens

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Imagine how things would go if whites were 13% of the population and blacks the majority.

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I grew up around black kids/families and won and lost fights to black kids, but never got jumped

If only we had a moment in history when that was the case?

We can look at South Africa.

@FBI This thread is like finding a fishing hot spot while out on the water fishing. Pull up to the spot and first drop, catch a big one and marking more down there on the fishfinder.

You guys are absolutely giddy with pleasure anytime you find a video of a black person doing bad things.

Lots of american loving patriots in that picture.

and you’re giddy every time you can find some evil white people to propagate your leftist bullshit. you’re no better than those you seek to criticize