3 Canadian Girls-3 Pan Am Golds!

It was great to see 3 Canadian girls take the gold home this year at the Pan Ams of Jiu-jitsu! Congrats to Dani Silva (Torontobjj), Anglela Wilson (White Tiger)  and Jennifer Weintz (Gracie Barra). I was honoured to be able to see them fight and catch some pictures of them kicking butt!!!! BJJ in Canada is growing by leaps and bounds. And for the women to do so well in a category they were not able to compete in too long ago is awesome!

Way to go ladies


Great Pics! Riccardo, can you send me a big file for Jennifers Pic. Thanks bro and don't forget Sarah Draht from GB Shuswap winning the white belt and receiving her Blue Belt from her Instructor Mario Deveault. She will make waves in the Blue Div next year!

Tim beat me to dropping props to Sarah.

Tim, didnt know. I was only around for a day so these were the girls that I knew of personally and was able to take pics! I will send you the pics soon and congrats to Marios girl Sarah, thats awesome! 4 Gold medals Ooo Haaaa Haaaa (thats my Count voice from Sesame Street)


We are how you say...stoked, congrats to ALL the Ladies.

Wow that's fantastic. Congrats!

Thanks guys!

Awesome job ladies, or killers (take your pick)!!!


awesome acheivement.. congrats!


Thats awesome, ,congrats!


Jennifer brought her medal to the gym....and mann that thing is huge! ahha

congrats to everyone!

CONgrats ladies!!!