3 clips I watch multiple times a year

ThugRose- Valentines Day Revenge - YouTube

Disclaimer-I was going to post my favorite one last, but unfortunately for some reason, the first video I was going to post, I cannot find anywhere :frowning:

Maybe one of you can somehow find what I can’t.

So, first post is Rose waking up Pat.

It’s great for many reasons. My favorite part is her happy feet in the end :slight_smile:

The video I WAS going to post first, is Fabricio Werdum in the elevator with Fedor. 

Very awkward moment.  Fedor had such a presence and unbeatable aura at the time.  Fedor rarely shows emotion. 

Werdum, to try to break up the awkwardness tries to make smalltalk.  Then Werdum decides to playfully say "I fucked your mother". 

He did this in the presence of Fedor's priest, who ironically was the only one in Fedor's enterauge to laugh. 

So funny.

If someone could find it, I'd be thankful.

This clip right here, I probably watch more than any other. 

It's by far my favorite and gives me chills every time.

It starts at the 11:44 mark.



ttt for lost Werdum/Fedor elevator video

Cowboy is one of my favorite fighters, unfortunately sometimes Donald is the only one who shows up. I think that a good amount of his losses are because he couldn't make that mental switch and anxiety gets the best of him. It bums me out but I will always root for him

Touch posted this video without knowing I was looking everywhere trying to find it. 

Kind of odd that the American versions were all taken down.  I wonder why.