3 comp network problems

Hey, I'm setting up a small network so we can share computer access. We're using Bell highspeed, and have some linksys wireless router. Basically we don't know what the hell we're doing at all, we have the router set up properly, but we sorta expected it to work right out of the box just as it says. The problem is we're all green, and don't even know how to connect to the network. We did as it says, to set the TCP/IP to find IP automatically, and the gateway is blank. What else should we be doing to connect to the network? I go to network neighbourhood and search for networks and I get some error. I don't have a clue what i'm doing. Thanks.

hey running windows 98, got it up and running now only problem is it's mind numbingly slow for most sites, i can't connect to msn even. But i'm gonna call tech support and try to figure it out.

But right now the only prob is with my friends comp. He has his ethernet adapter installed, and i want to release the ip's and renew em, but it won't allow us to. He gets some error like can't configure IP address or something. Any idea what that's about? I mean even if his card was fucked it should still allow u to view the IP addies.