3 craptastic fights so far

It just bugs me, I know of, as i'm sure many others do someone who applied who was way better than many of the fighters on the show. What do we get instead? We get 3 guys who lose very quickly because they know absolutely crap all about submissions. I mean what was the point of the try outs. There's no way someone like Ross would have looked good in the try outs when he was grappling with someone.

It seems like the UFC purposely puts people they know will just bang, but they're not smart enough to realise that those are the ones who will be matched up with guys who will negate there abilities.

I guess Jessie is the exception of the other 2, because he has potential to be a very good fighter, but those other 2 should never have been on the show with such huge gaps in there grappling ability, especially when you consider someone like Jeff Joslin who not only could probably have outstruck Ross, but is also a BJJ blackbelt. Just annoys me how bad the fights have sucked because of this.

Its a tournament, you don't want the 4 #1 seeds in the ncaa tourney meeting in the first round. The semi's and finals are where they want the good fights, so they have a few walkthroughs early and protect their good fighters.

I don't think you put filler guys and leave out good fighters when the purpose of the show is to find the best fighters. It's not just the winners that have the potential to be future UFC fighters.

The contender for instance, every single boxer on that show was a damn good boxer who deserved to be there.

Ross was basically a C level fighter from everything I saw. I don't think you leave off potential UFC stars because the british guy is kinda funny when complaining about clogged toilets for an episode.

Signing a deal that would take TUF through season 7 is a part of it as well. Knowing you have to find 64 more fighters after this season has to linger in the back of their heads.

I agree w/ frills. Can't have all the good fighters in one season.

If you put all the A list fighters in one season, they're just eliminate each other.

Come next season, you're out of A list fighters because they already fought in the first season.

So you have a whole season of b-list fighters.

Once they're gone, a whole season of c-list...etc. etc.

I'm sure they "realise" what's going to happen, you think Dana doesn't know what a Jason Thacker or Eli Joslin bring to the table? Their there for personality and make the guys who are going to win look good.