3 days in Vegas: what to do?

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Anybody visit or stay at the Circa?

I've been in there twice. It's really fucking nice but kinda compact.

You had me at " really fucking nice ".

I am booking it for first week of June, have a business conference there.


Ive  been to Vegas 3 times since New Years.  Things are starting to open back up.

By May who knows what shows will be open ect.  .

They are pesky about maskson the casino floor so be ready for that.


Go down to Freemont Street one night.  Just check out all the casinos most have been redone and its pretty cool.  Circa is really cool.

Ellis Island for cheap filling meals. 

Walking between casinos on the strip is often 10 to 15 mins to the property next door.  A good walk from Venetian to like Flaming could easily be a 4 to 8 hour adventure if you hit up all the casinos and grab a drink or play a game, whatever.

Pai gow poker is easy and a game you can sit at for hours and not win or lose much.  Of course at the Venetian it will be 25 a hand or so that could add up quick.



Rent a car.  Ubers and cabs everywhere.  Figure 20 a ride you won't be far off.


Hope this helps


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So we were supposed to be at The Delano, fancier part of Mandalay Bay. Booked it through Chase using credit card miles. Showed up, found out all the pools are very limited capacity and good luck going to them. You have to sign up with an app and wait until you are notified that you can go. If you leave and go back to your room you are out, no going right back in. Turned out our reservation got screwed up anyway and they were sold out, so we ended up at the MGM Grand across the street. Same deal with the pool. Only way around it is to get a cabana for the day for $350. You get $175 in credit for food/drink. You can go in and out all day, no problem.

A place called the Southpoint has the only open buffet we could find. We tried to go but the line was nuts (it was Easter Sunday) we will try to go again for lunch. They have people serving the food to you.
Also a place in Chinatown has a buffet with crab legs. Probably garbage ones.

Hookers and wait for it


Ri Ra Irish pub at Mandalay Bay. Also the russian bar there is good.

Chris Angel Mindfreak is an awesome show, if it is still going on.

Venetian has an incredible lineup of restaurants- of course, you’ll want to check if they are open.

We went to see the Meow Wolf exhibit at a place called Area 15, totally awesome. Huge, interactive, super psychedelic. Worth every penny. Super fun.
The place it’s at, Area 15, has a restaurant and a bar, you can also zip line and see other stuff.9

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