3 Dimensional Applied

Stay with me on this, it is a little lengthy but I am hoping worth it. Had my first intense experience today with Defuse and NVP. I want to share a story with you. We are currently buying a building and putting in a 10,000 sq ft martial training facility. The building we are buying already has a tenant in it who is month to month. He has been there for more than 15 years, runs his business out of there on a sweetheart rental deal and had intentions of buying the building and apparently had some dialogue with the current owner to that point and that owner apparently said "Sure, come up with an decent offer and we will work out the deal". The current tenant had no idea that someone else, me, was also negotiating to buy it. I was unaware that this was going on and negotiating with the present owner and more than a month ago had locked up a signed contract due to close on Feb 10th. So, since we are closing in a little more than a week, I go in and speak to the current tenant to find out his moving plans so I can start scheduling my construction. That's when the shit hit the fan. I introduce myself as the new prospective owner in the next 2 weeks and what were his plan to schedule his move out. He went ballistic. He had no idea that there was a negotiation was going on and that the building was sold to someone else. He was blindsided by the less than ethical current owner, who for whatever reason hid this from him.

Immediately the guy came right at me, good size guy as well. He was ranting that he couldn't believe it, he was buying the building, he had the $ in the bank to buy it, etc.... Hands flying up in the air in a rant, he totally crossed the "kill zone" and got right into my space, I mean right in it. I went in there expecting a business meeting, instead I found myself with one of my hands occupied by a digital camera, the other up in front of me talking him down. This guy was yelling get the hell out now, he was in total shock and he was about to go crazy, totally in shock, freaked.

Funny thing happened as I was in the middle of this, the training and principles that are in the PDR all came into play and chambered themselves beautifully. Let me debrief as it went along. I went in there thinking that this was going to be a collegial meeting, snap a few pics for construction plans, find out his moving schedule, no sweat. Well, my "ambush" of him ended up him "ambushing" me. As I extended my hand to him to shake as the new owner his face totally became ashen and his arms flew up in a rage, immediately without even thinking I stepped off line and my hands went up in a Non Violent Posture (NVP) and fell right into place. I then became "conscious" of what had just happened and my training and teaching that I have been working on all clicked. I started talking him down with choice speech, trying to defuse, at the same time as he was at full rant mode and hands wailing all over the place, my vision / hearing consciously became diffused and I was picking various targets on him and literally having them visually light up for me as LED's , I was totally in a CWCT mode. Still talking to him and finding my rear heel off the ground and totally ready to engage should he decide where the balance of the attack would go. Also the Pressure Cooker theory kicked in and I didn't give him any traction with his verbal assault and even when he came within that kill zone, I didn't feel the need to nail him as I am pretty sure I would have done previous to training with Tony Blauer. I would have most likely nailed the guy and stepped back and see where it would have gone from there. All due to the lack of de-escalation and defuse tools. (Continued on next post)

Great stuff Coach and really very cool as I was in the "eye of the hurricane" I was so calm and comfy knowing that all of my arsenals..emotional, psychological and physical were all on DEFCON 5 and ready to go. He would decide which one I launched... :)Worked like a charm. Thanks Again for all of your stuff. Probably saved me some big bucks on a potential fight.

Joe Mullings
PDR Coach

Wild story Joe!

Joe, I find the PDR research and training the most useful thing I have ever undertaken in my life. I appreciate reading how this research worked in your scenario, which in todays climate is becoming more prevalent. Let somebody else deal with your dirty work. For whatever reason, the current owner knew that there was going to be a problem....I KNOW that you have complete confidence in Mr. Blauer's system, but come clean...how good did it feel after you did your personal debrief a couple of days later? Your training in both the emotional and psychological aspects of confrontations saved you $$$ and possibly the rights to close on the property also.... I have not had the need to apply any principles of the system in ballistic situations, but have found many uses in what I refer to as micro-moments. "perfect practice will make you better". I like to think of my mind as a muscle and only through excercise can I develope muscle memory. ;-) As I read through your experience, I am reminded of a quote..."All experience is an arch to build upon" Henry Adams Thanks for sharing...and thanks for the training. Brad

INterestingly Brad, I have had many business people, parents and others apply the philosophies, the strategies into the home & business lives, while the succesful applications in the 'street' confrontations make me feel good about the research and method, its a letter from a parent who uses the material to teach a child to overcome a fear of water, a Dad who helps his kid overcome esteem issues or a business person able to close an important deal that changes his (& his family's) future that always gets me...


My use of the term "micro-moments" was very ambiguous. That is a phrase I use for the day to day encounters at the work place as well as the home. By becoming faster in the detect phase and shifting right into the defuse stage SOONER, I find that what used to be a potential for disagreement now becomes a simple ,amiable discussion of the issue. As I use this more and more, I become faster/sooner at detecting the underlying issue. Add in the fear management.....It has been a welcome change in my personal conduct and managment skills at work.

I just wanted to clarify that.....Thanks, Brad


I hope this doesn't sound too corny or trite. I am not at all suprised that the methods you were able to employ worked so well.

The reason this system works so well in any confrontation is that it is based in truth. Behavior, Psychological and Physical realities which have been scientifically researched.

It's incredible how powerful it really is when it is applied as you did in your situation.

Thanks for the great story Joe.

Mike Suyematsu PDR Coach