3 Fighters Who Should go to UFC

1) Aleksander Emelianenko - Outside of a payday and building a bigger
rep, there's definitely a glass ceiling for him in Pride as long as Fedor is
there. I'd love to see him fight Arlovski, Sylvia, Buentello. He matches
up well with all three.

2) Ninja Rua - Same story almost. Shogun/Wanderlei are riding high in
Pride right now, and Ninja is literally 3rd in line. If Wanderlei doesn't
have the title, you gotta assume Shogun might be the heir apparent.
Ninja should go to UFC where he would have a shot to beat anyone on
a given night. He might have to a adapt a bit to no kicking on the
ground or stomps, but I'd love to see him matchup with Forrest,
Bonnar, Irvin, Sakara, Babalu, and Chuck.

3) Igor Vovchanchyn - This is one of most peoples favorite fighters if
you've been watching MMA for more than a couple years. He matches
up well with anyone standing, and just has struggled recently with
ground dudes. He may have trouble with Horn, Babalu, and Couture,
but I've love to see him matched up against Forrest, Chuck (dream
fight), Bonnar, Sakara, and Irvin. Igor has shown he is trying to adapt
with the times by moving down to 205...maybe a run in UFC should be
in the cards.

I agree 1000%

other notables

A) Heath Herring

B) Semmy Schilit


Also, Tom Erikson, Rampage, and Anderson Silva. :)

Ninja would rule with elbows on the ground!He has the wrestling to get anyone down.He threw Hedno around when they fought and that is tough to do.Aleksander would be awesome as well.

Forget about it.

The UFC isn't going after top level competition anymore. They need cheap fighters to line their wallets with $$$

the BIG CAT!!!

Aaron Riley or Benji Radach.

I don't really care about this thread. I'm just jealous that I didn't think of that username.

It would be rough on Igor at this point in his career to fight guys 4-5 inches taller than him. "

welcome to mike tyson's career

Fujita would be awesome, but he's one of the top dogs in New Japan
Pro Wrestling right now and probably wouldn't walk away from the
steady work/paychecks.

big eric pele(from kotc)

anderson silva

pele landi(welterweight)

jason black

bj penn(as welterweight or middleweight)

bas rutten(light heavyweight)

dean lister(middlewieght)

manny reyes :)

I didn't wanna pick guys who I felt were just gonna clean house in the UFC. Guys like Wanderlei, Emelianenko, or Shogun. I picked guys who could add depth to what the UFC already has.

jake shields - not an immediate championship contender but will add depth to the welterweight bracket. i wanna see jake take on diego sanchez.

heath herring - not championship material in Pride but I think he could immediately be one of the UFC's top three heavyweights with Arlovski and Mir.

dean lister - don't think he came beat rich franklin but it would be better than seeing Evan Tanner, Matt Lindland, or Dave Terrell going for the belt again.