3 for 1 DVD special, Pro Am etc.

<!--StartFragment -->I've only got a bout 15 sets from the good people at GrappleTV. All three titles together retail for more than DOUBLE the price we're offering it at right now. All three DVD's (4 discs total) for just $24.99, free shipping as well.

For a limited time we're offering the So Cal Pro Am DVD (2 discs, over 4 hours long, closed door no time limit No Gi event) features: Ryron and Rener Gracie, Tyrone Glover, Paulo Guillobel, Drew Fickett, Gerald Strebendt, Jason "Mayhem" Miller, Cassio Werneck, Joe Stevenson and much more. Reg price 29.99

Global Jiu-Jitsu 6 black belt seminar. 29 techniques, 6 black belts all on one DVD. Learn BJJ for Gi and No gi. Features Juliano Prado, Gustavo Froes, Marcus Vinicius, Chris Smith, James Boran and Paulo Gazze.

Green Whale Productions Promo DVD.  Interviews and techniques. A sampler of all of our products. 50 minutes with 19 techniques from the following:
Tyrone Glover (City Boxing)
Shawn Williams (Renzo Gracie Black Belt)
Joao and Patricia Silva (Silva Dojo)
Mike Rose (Caique Black Belt)
Marcelo Pereira (Gracie Barra Del Mar)
Odie Neto (Neto Academy San Diego)
Ricardo Guimares (Gracie Barra Temecula)
Marcelo Cavalcanti (MC Jiu-Jitsu Redondo Beach)
Jeff Glover (Paragon Jiu-Jitsu)
Gerson Sanginitto (Gracie Barra)

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Just a quick note.  If you already have the Global Jiu-Jitsu seminar, you can substitute it for Tools of the Trade 1, just leave a note in the comments section when you order.  Thanks.


Good news for anybody else that is interested in picking a set up.  I'm going to be gettnig additional copies of the Pro Am this weekend so we're going to be able to let this deal go on longer.  I know the So Cal Pro Am is a couple of years old now, but this is awesome footage of Ryron and Rener Gracie, plus a lot of other great fighters.


Got em all already, the Pro Am is really good, Ryron and Rener were awesome. extremely cheap price! i advice to take advantage


Good set !

Good set, good service, got mine like 3 days maybe after I ordered them.

I just got mine yesterday and it is a great set. Thanks Green whale