3 hours: Ordonez and Arod on Sox

Well, 3 more hours until the deadline for the A-rod - Manny & Nomar - Ordonex deals to get done.

Personally, I don't think this is going to happen and now the Sox will have to kiss and make up with Nomar. Manny is Manny and probably doesn't even know he played for the Red Sox last year. Obviously Ordonez and A-Rod would be pretty good additions to any team, but I hate the idea of losing Nomar. He's a good player, busts his ass, and has thrived in the Boston mad house.

How about Manny for Ordonez? I wish that could happen but no way in hell Chi Sox would take that contract. I guess things are looking pretty good when fans are saying "I guess we'll just be stuck with Nomar and Manny in the middle of the line-up."

the deal will happen one way or another...

all sides want it...Major league baseball needs this trade to happen for the market

MLB wants it, ARod wants it, Boston does, Texas etc..

the only opposition is the Players Assosiation flexing their muscles...funny thing though, that by making this stand they are going to weaken their stance when the next collective bargaining agreement comes up...but oh well

The Red Sox can still move Nomar to either Seattle, Anaheim, or LA. Maybe even Oakland, although paying a SS $15 million isn't Billy Beane's style.

deals are always *dead* at some point...but many manage their ways back...

the ARod one is too far gone to die like this...too many parties hold too great an interest in it

i would be saddened if the ARod one happens and then the Ordonez one fell through...but what can you do but enjoy the game

I dunno. Larry Lucchino of the Sox said the Nomar-Ordonez deal is still alive. God bless SOSH for cutting through media bullshit and speculation.

like i said, i very much doubt that its totally dead...the red sox are making their posture..

they have shown that they can walk away from this deal...now it will get done when hicks balks and lowers the cost of arod

At this point, I have no sympathy for ARod if the deal falls apart. He had the chance to go almost anywhere he wanted three years ago, and chose the money instead. It would have tough, obviously, to turn down that deal, but if he truly wanted to play for a winner, he would have taken less money to go to a contender (or simply stay with one--Seattle). Now he wants the best of both worlds, and I for one hope he doesn't get it.

eric - very good logic. Never thought of it like that, basically because I don't really give a shit about anyone in this deal.

He made his bed, let him lie in it.

i totally agree with that...he knew that his deal would handicap texas and went anyway...

oh well!

still hope that he ends up on the sox

I agree too. Part of me wants him on the Sox but the other part of me wants his stupid, greedy ass to rot in last place in Texas for the rest bof his career. He deserves it.

but then again, having him in boston would kick some major ass....

him and the monster would have a lovely relationship

ttt, lol

thats just cold man...ice friggin cold