3 men and a baby, Thoughts 30 years later

I watched the movie again and it sort of holds up.

First of all who leaves a baby on a door step in 1980? I would expect cps to be called and Sylvia would be on the cover of the National Enquirer.

Steve Guetemberg was the weak link in the movie. They should have cast someone better IMO.

The drug part was a little weird, didn’t really go with the movie.

The middle part was pretty good where the selfish bachelors get attached to Mary and work together to raise the baby.

Then the tramp comes back and says give me my baby back, I’m going to England.

Sylvia becomes an unlikeable bitch in the sequel.

All in all a good movie. It was a remake of a French movie for those of you who don’t know

I just remember the part where everyone thought it was a ghost behind the curtain but it was a cardboard cutout.

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Beat me to it. I remember some theory about that.

I remember thinking it was just OK when it came out. Haven’t seen it in ages

There were a few more Easter eggs in movies I forget them