3 more days!!!

Come support your local fighters. Brandon "Suave" Magana (he is VERY suave) and Charlie "25" Kohler representing the San Diego Fight Club on Friday April 27th at the Soboba Casino. Pick you tickets up at the fight club.

Me and the notorious elite ninja UGer BJJMonk will be there fo sho!


    " I give this card two-thumbs waaaaaaaaaay down"

Calls B-Mag in regards to Twicks VERY racist comment in my thread


Thanks Fabes!

King of the Cage! And Capn is correct! Kohler via whatever and whenever he wants! Same with Suave!

No Hybrid Duarte?

No one will step an fight him?

Joe Hybrid Duarte has a fight coming up in a couple of months in Hawaii! And yes, men piss their pants at his very name! He is a scary guy!

Local AZ Fighter Ty Gilstrap will also be fighting.

I will be there covering the event.