3 sad losses tonite

Swick must be heartbroken. After overcoming all that junk and being around all this time-he looked tenative and confused. and then he got crushed

BJ just wow. the 170? coming in out of shape from your camp' in Hawaii-such a great fighter who's own worst enemy is himself. Retire? move to 155-either way at this point he's tarnishing his rep



And Rua-wat? Why was he out of shape? Did hel really look as bad as the slow awkward Gus owned him on Fox? Ugh I didn't see any way he could beat JBJ if he did get his shot. What to do-he reminds me of BJ, refusing to change and evolve.


Am I wrong or were these some sad, careeer bending losses?

I just thought I would bumb this to see if anyone had an op on the subjects

Felt bad for swick, it was a brutal ko.
What can you say about BJ? he can't compete at the top of the welterweight div, so either he plays the game and drops or calls it a day.
And iv felt bad for shogun since the jbj fight. He's insanely tough but similar to bj he mite need to look at a drop to 185 to stay competitive, and him v Andy would be dope. Phone Post

Could SHogun even drop to 185? I don't know if he has the genetic structure to pull that off. BJ is the one really screwed. He got chased out of 155 and has no chance of winning as long as Bendo rules and he's too small for the current crop of 170. He's 1-4-1 in his last 6. Dana should put a clause in his next fight that requires him to go to a stateside camp like Jackson or Tri or anything besides training with the  "YES MEN" in Hawaii like he does