3 Stooges Halloween Eps

I remember loving these as a kid when my grandpa would play them for me.. Haven't seen them in years so I figured I'd look them up. The 'scary' episodes were always the best. Happy Halloween OG.

We Want Our Mummy (1939)

If a Body Meets a Body (1945)

The Hot Scots (1948) -- haunted castle

Spooks! (1953)

Dopey Dicks (1950) - mad scientist

3 Pests in a Mess (1945) - spooky cemetary

I'm all over these tomorrow after football!

VU coming up. Phone Post 3.0

VTFU loved those and the Abbot and Costello ones when I was a kid. Phone Post 3.0

blue please?

In! Phone Post 3.0

Thought this comedy gold would get a better reaction

Fuck yes! I love these. Phone Post

Ltr Phone Post 3.0

ttt VU

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for op

Cav I appreciate it greatly. VU's are ridiculous but it's all I got to show gratitude. I'll be sending em your way