3 title fights, 3 Rd1 wins for SBG

Robbie Walsh (SBG) v Mickey Young (PC) -65kgs

Robbies Walsh dominated every range to win by triangle at about the 2.30min mark

Owen Dempsey (SBG - Loughlinstown) v Peter Lavery (Tai Kai JJ) -75kgs

Owen by viscious knee KO at after about 2mins of action

Dave Roche (SBG) v Greg Loughran (PC) -70kgs

after putting on a nice display of striking and grappling dave took a comfortable victory by guillotine after about 2 and half mins. dont forget that greg took Pat Carr to decision...

in other non-title fights

Andy Ryan (SBG) v Grant ? (Point Blank/Muay Thai)

Andy won after Grant was disqualified for continually holding the ropes to avoid the inevitable takedown/submission. Andy put on a nice display of crazy monkey-to-clinch game

and a special mention to Paul Connor from SBG - Loughlinstown who took a fight with a couple of hours notice against an international fighter from Martin De Jongs (sp?) gym. even though he gave up nearly 5kgs he put on an excellent display, nearly landed an armbar but was caught with a footlock - a true warrior!!


Awesome news! Congrats to all of your fighters and
much respect to anyone who takes a fight on a couple
hours notice.



Just got home from Nevada and saw these results. . .AWESOME!

No surprise, but so cool to hear anyway.

Give everyone my best, and I will see you soon.


More good news.

Awesome guys!

SBGi!!! SBGi!!! SBGi!!!

Oustanding news JK! Congrats!

Awesome man! Ireland representing! SBG empire is spreading! Imperialists!!!



Take it to 'em Saturday night.

(mother*&%^&$ stinkin' elbow, fu*%^*, stupid injury, cock**#(@..)