3 UFC Wishes For 2013

1. Get Dana his own reality show. It would be GOLD. His video blogs are very popular and there is no way that a Dana White reality show wouldn't dominate. I'd love it.

#2. I want Nick Diaz on the Joe Rogan Podcast. This would be EPIC!

#3. Anderson Silva versus Jon Jones. This would be the fight of the year and break records.

Cool wishes... Will have a think and post later Phone Post

Andy vs GSP
Andy vs Jones
Creepy for the title
A successful TUF MEXICO
Strikeforce fighters in the octagon Phone Post

Giving title shots to who deserve it

Ian winning flyweight title

For the champs to fight at least 4x a year Phone Post

A solid TuF Canada

Creepy for 125 Champ

Rory beats Condit then fights Nick Diaz.

I'd be down with a Women's Flyweight division. Also a more predictable schedule.