3 x 3 - Squat, DL, Bench

Hey, I was reading some of the workouts on deepsquatter.com and this one looked interesting.


My goal: maintain/increase strength, improve technique on the three lifts, lose 6 pounds in 4 weeks.

My question, is squatting, DLing, and benching 3 times a week going to be too hard on my body when I'm dropping weight? I'm thinking that I'm going to have to go light on the middle day to be recovered enough to push hard enough on my day 3. Other than weights I'm doing yoga an hour every morning, plus two classes a week. I'll probably get 2 interval cardio sessions in a week as well.

Any tips? Info?

Great, thanks. I won't be going super hard on the cardio.

Is 500mg supplemented daily enough for the vitamin C? I'd be taking that to increase recovery I assume? Why is it necessary to take it before and after the workout?

I'm about 5'8, 150 pounds btw.

Also: How long would be a good time to rest between sets?

TTT for the vitamin C question.

Re: Vit C

I remember reading in Muscle Media way back that it was used to control cortisol levels improving the testosterone:cortisol ratio while training.

Old time weight lifters used to use this type of routine quite a bit, from my readings on the subject. The main concern I see in this type of routine is deadlifting 3 times per week. That's a lot of work/stress on the lower back and the squats can do a number on that area of the body also. Some rows or shrugs might be substituted for the deadlifts on one or two days. I actually prefer overhead presses to benches. They target the shoulder girdle well and could be used instead of benches on one day.

Bill Starr writes alot about full-body, 3 times per week training. He uses a Heavy/Light/Medium protocol. Meaning that Monday would be 100% of the weight you can lift for the targeted rep range (Starr likes 5 sets of 5), Wednesday is 80%, and Friday is 90%. So for example if a person has a 100 pound bench for 5 reps then benches on Monday would be 100 pounds, Wednesday 80 pounds, and Friday 90 pounds. First two sets are warm-ups. The actual percentages could be adjusted according to recovery capabilities.

Three days a week lifting is pretty rough, especially for somebody who trains in other sports. But it may be worth a try.

Good luck.


i cant see the clip. could we get a link?

iam just starting GM's and I would like to see them done. i have only read how the should be done. reading is not the same as seeing. Thanks!

I already posted a clip of me eating vitamin C, and I'm not putting it up again. You know how much bandwidth posting it eats up?

Too much vitamin C = the shits.