3 Years Away will be too long for Jon Jones

Three years in MMA is a very long time. Fighters have gotten much better and the sport evolved in many ways. Over the last 3 years, wrestling defense has gotten better, calf kicks have become a significant part of most fights and the talent has continued to improve, becoming more well rounded. In my opinion, the gap was already closing before JBJ decided to take three years off. Couple that with him fighting monsters who have incredible knockout power, And I expect that he will look much more average in the heavyweight division.


These two did it


THis does not apply to the HW division. Like at all. If anything this division has regressed :rofl:


Brock fought an old ass Mark Hunt juiced to the fucking gills


Wrong. As an example, Francis can grapple now and the black beast can defend takedowns.

There’s no proof he was juiced. He did not test positive for steroids

Cause he stuffed one takedown from Stipe? Lol

Prime Lesnar. Carwin. Cain. Take him down and pound him into living death


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Someone else did it, therefore Jon Jones can do it? Terrible argument bro.

Just means it’s possible

There are people who think GSP today could still beat Usman… I’m not one of them but there does exist posters here who say that crap

Mark Hunt was a top 10 ranked fighter and Lesnar came back after 5 years and dominated him for two rounds

I don’t think anyone’s denying that kiddo.

We’re just saying he was juiced to the fucking gills



@Nick_Diaz_Army thinks Liver King is Natty


He can grapple but not very good, got in to advantageous position against Gane but didnt know what to do with it

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Jones wasted another 3 prime earning years. I got to think he lost out on a buttload of money.


It’s truly a shame as Jones is an amazing fighter - I would love to see him at hvwt and it would inject some much needed life into the division . I don’t even care who Jon fought first - I just want to see him fight

i’m really excited to see if his wrestling holds up against the big boys. i think it will and will be a huge part of his game at hw. he’s a freakishly good grappler.

I think he’s going to dominate but i could be wrong we will see.

I honestly never had an interest in seeing him move up!

He is already the number the LHW goat. Would have preferred to see him stick around the last 3 years against Glover, Jiri & Jan etc.

Or even Izzy or Peirrer if moved up.