30 days no drinking

Anyone wanna do a 30 days no alcohol bet. Come up with rules and what the winner gets. Blue name? Phone Post

fuck off you queer.

You have too much trust in people if you think a bet like that could work!

Just stop drinking yourself Phone Post 3.0

Good luck to you guys in your individual challenges! You'll save a few bucks and should gain a bit of clarity and perspective depending upon how frequently you partook in said substances. "Youuuu can doooo it!"

17 months left of dui class and shitstacks of money to pay in a few directions. And yeah, not even smoking weed this time around. Makes it much easier for me personally to stay focused on the things i need to take care of and goals i want to set/reach. Not trying to hijack the thread, but thanks for asking! Good luck!

Poleeko - Before I got into the beer industry, I would not drink from New Year's Day until St. party's day. Not really possible now as a lot of my job involves drinking. Phone Post 3.0
I want your job. Phone Post 3.0

Can we start tomorrow? If so, im in. Phone Post 3.0

I just did that in April. I don't drink much so it was not that hard. Phone Post 3.0

Balls Mahoney - Man I had a breathalyzer installed when I had my dwi 2 years ago and I still kept drinking. Just recently I stopped drinking and I had a really hard time with insomnia. I don't know if any one else had the same problem but I literally slept 6 hours between Monday- Thursday. I finally realized how to reset my internal clock and got a good nights rest with no alcohol.

Good luck guys!

Insomnia sucks. When I stopped drinking, it took me at least a week and a lot of sleep aids to get on a regular schedule. Last time, I stayed up for almost 90 hours straight, maybe a few naps here and there but I don't remember them.

Start tomorrow anyone who wants to do it. No reward just honor system. Loser blows all Phone Post

Im in. Was gonna go for six weeks starting tomorrow.

No fair on the awesome incentive to lose though. ...wait...what? Phone Post 3.0

I'm.drinking a beer at 6 am.so I can be the loser Phone Post

jpt123 - I'm.drinking a beer at 6 am.so I can be the loser Phone Post
Beat you to it (5a)! Winner winner blowjob dinner. Phone Post 3.0

Got through one night. Reading first law trilogy it's pretty good Phone Post