30 Hours After Surgery

Here are some pictures of me knee just 30 hours after surgery. Kind of gross, but really not too bad.

When I first woke up this morning I could feel the upper part of my thigh, but down closer to my knee was still completely numb from the nerve block. It really started to wear off around 5pm and was completely worn off by 7pm. I took these pictures just a few minutes ago after watching the UFC PPV.

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It has lost it's knobbyness.

Get well Joe. Hope you return better than ever!

 Its pregnant... give it 9 months and it will be gone. 

Let me know if you need a psychiatry consult.

You know, the whole "mind-body" connection thing.

Hope you get a fast recovery!!

Just remember Joe...

Dangers of infection - so keep it clean. Slowness of healing of transplanted ligaments due to low blood supply - so no going back to activity until the doc clears you, even though you =think= it's OK.

Good luck.

 they put you on a CPM Machine yet Joe?

great now im horny again

 excuses, excuses.  Get well soon Joe.  There's a bunch of guys at LW that need to be beaten silly.


What kind of graft did you get ? My son had a petelar tendon graft done in Sept recovery has been slow but steady. Good luck

Did you go for the carcass?

Would suit you nice creepy!

Jokes, great fan of yours, i wish you a speedy recovery, WAR LAUZON!

the knee is a part time watermelon.

 No CPM machine yet. I did the cadaver. 

I am not rushing it at all... going to take it slow. 

 Damn dude, your knee looks like Brock Lesnars shoulder. Anyway, hope you have a good quick recovery and are back soon.