30 mins left.....No prelims?!?!

I gave them the benefit of the doubt on UFC 45, but this was total crap!!!

Who ever is in charge of time management on the PPV should be fired. Not only did they waste a shitload of time, but the main event was over at 9:15pm, they went on to waste another 15 minutes on what could have been very thouroughly summed up in about 6 minutes. .... AND THEN.... shut off at 9:31!!!!

What the HELL!!!

BABYWESTSIDE, you go ahead and roll over for this, but don't ask me to. I am as true a fan as there is, Bar fucking NONE. but if they fight, SHOW IT! Either that or give me a good fucking reason why not.

it is TACKY to to have attending celebrities names read in the ringThat was awful. The only thing I had to fast-forward through.

The UFC plans to....by getting the real fans who kept this sport alive thru the hard times to buy the fucking DVDs to see the full fight card....even though they had 70 minutes left to show them in.


BTW, ...how about we consolidate all these threads and posts and make 1 huge thread so ZUFFAs retarded asses will see it....instead of 50 threads that fall to the bottom. Post your complaints HERE.

The UFC StreetTeam better miss my city....cuz if I see any flyers around town put out by the 'UFCs free work force'/street team advertising the next UFC, I will be coming back and spray painting right over them things.FUCK ZUFFA!

zuffa has done ALOT of good.

but they have tendencies to step on their own feet alot. and seemingly on stupid bullshit thats easily fixable.


wow that sounded extremely romo

I would of been pissed had I paid to see this fight! Maybe in between training Lidell to "win" in Pride he should work on making the PPV better and not pissing off the true fanbase that has helped keep the sport alive! Show a couple of prelims especially when you have such an anti-climactic championship fight, I feel sorry for the nerds who couldn't get any sleep last night in anticipation of the UFC, bet you that won't happen again!

There's NO excuse for not showing the prelims. Dana, PUT THE PRELIMS ON THE PPV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

X Racer- you don't have to roll over for anything. It's called marketing. By showing only clips of the prelim bouts they can get fans to buy the dvd to see the entire event. Thus bringing in more cash. If you are that opposed to this, watch Pride. Pride is fun to watch. I dig the ring and the fan base they have over there. Plus their rules are way f*#^in better. You should check it out.


"zuffa has done ALOT of good."

Like what? I'm tirted of hearing how greatful we should all be for Zuffa buying the UFC. How many years are they going to get a free ride for this? When are they going to be held accountable for the BS crap they pull? I'm tired of hearing how I should be bending over backwards and thanking Zuffa for buying the UFC. Fuck that. They are a business and I'm a customer. Thier job is to make me happy. You wouldn't give JC Penny or Sears etc.. this kind of leway becasue they have been giving jobs to the working man for 50 years etc... It's their job to do good things for the sport I'm tired of hearing how thankful we should be for them doing what they are supposed to do in the first place.

Fire Dana White! I hate you with a passion. You have ruined the UFC for me. I will not purchase another UFC again.

"By showing only clips of the prelim bouts they can get fans to buy the dvd to see the entire event."

We will see how well that works out.And why would you support that idea anyway?By the time the DVD comes out,the true fans will already have a good idea of how those fights went and not be interested in buying the DVD.

"I have been a pretty faithful fan and have not stolen a single UFC but I am very close to not buying another one. I will rent them or bootleg them just to spite Zuffa. It is unfortunate that on the brink of getting a TV deal the UFC forgets the people who got them there. The faithful fans."

Unfortuneately, this is the price true fans will pay in order for the sport to be "mainstream". The UFC is more worried about pleasing celbrities and athletic commissions. Hopefully the fighters will atleast be paid more.

"how about we consolidate all these threads and posts and make 1 huge thread so ZUFFAs retarded asses will see it...."

make it happen bro.

At least they showed the highlights and gave results for those fights.

None of them looked real exciting.

It seemed like Zuffa did kill a lot of time, though. The reading of the celebrities in attendance (WTF? Ghetto as hell), the "Keys to Victory", the face off/smack talk with Tito & Chuck, and the predictions by audience members could've been eliminated.


I can afford to order the UFC or Pride, but not both. From now on, I'll be ordering Pride. Wasting my fucking time with the keys to victory and other assorted bullshit... that celebrity list was something else. Goddammit Zuffa - Show the fucking prelims next time, for all the people (minus me) who order your shiester event.

TTT until we get a response from Dana

At least have previews ready for new fights. Don't waste the time. Have ads running for the extra air time. Have old UFC's going. SOMETHING!

that sucked, i thought i paid for a 3 hour pay per view. Guess not.