30 PLUS Year olds and Working out?/


41, have been working out since I was in my early 20's, 5 days a week.

I have seriously plateaued, and my joints have a lot of city miles on them. I used to make a big mistake and lock my knees when trying to bang out a couple more reps on leg press, and I suffer for that now. Knees feel it when I do high impact cardio... Even something like a basic 5k.

Even though I stretch all the time during the workout, My joints are stiff in the morning. I have to sit down in order to put my socks on after I wake up.

Getting old SUCKS!!! Phone Post 3.0

  1. I lift weights 3x a week (Mon,Wed,Fri) for about an hr, Tues and Thurs I either do a core workout or yoga, both last 30-45 mins.

    Tbh I have no issues from an age perspective with keeping the pace I used to. Only issue I have is with my back with has plagued be since my early 20's.

    Only supplement I take is protein, but will be adding fish oil with Vit D soon.

    I got back into MMA recently, so far so good. Again only issue is with my back otherwise I don't feel my age yet.


Great thread, and a ton of great advice. I'm 32, and started to pay the price for BJJ (which started at 23) by the time I was 30.

Some points from this thread that I would echo:

-Get your blood checked. I was dragging ass for three months last year (felt like I had the flu). My vitamin D levels were really low. I got on a prescription for two months, and now I'm on 5000 iu per day.

-Active rest. Do SOMETHING on your off days. For me, I started yoga about a year ago (not hot yoga. I think it's a bit of a sham). I do it one day a week. It is great for restoring your body after beating it up all week. Even of you can't do yoga, make sure to actively stretch before activities and on off days. Joint mobility has a profound effect on injury prevention, athletic performance, and general well-being.

-Fish oil is great. I use NOW (enteric caps, so no fish burps). I take four caps per day at 500 EPA/250 dha.

-Sleep. I wish I had better advice. I'm a terrible sleeper, and I've held off on a sleep study for months. But there is clearly a causal link between good sleep and good recovery.

- post-workout recovery. There are million resources on this and other sites. Plenty of opinions that are better than mine. Personally, I noticed a big difference in how I felt after I worked out when I started taking Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard.

-eat clean. Again. No shortage of resources on this topic. But stay away from processed sugar and fried garbage at a minimum.

-Stay Hydrated. Self-explanatory.

-above all else, as others have said: TRUST YOUR BODY. We just cannot heal the way we used to. Sometime sitting out today, means you can train tomorrow.

My regimen:

Bjj and/or Muay Thai 4x a week. Bodyweight exercises 1-2x a week.

Yoga 1x a week.

Fill in the blank with one of the above depending on how my schedule shapes up, or just scratch together some active rest (I like to walk my dog with a weighted vest. Neighbors think I'm a freak).

I posted my pic at age 48 on the chickground. The secret is rest, hydration, and changing up the workouts. I work out 5/week but rotate through 6 diff routines. If I do the same thing too much my joints kill me. Keep it fresh if you can and eat like an adult not a kid.

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I didn't read the replies or even the full original post, but I'm guessing OP wants to get on the T. Probably he saw the Cung Le photo on the other thread.

Motivation? My fatther is 84 and can barely walk now. He gave up at 75. Fuck that. Workout like one day you win't be able to but will really want to.

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jdindiana - 32 next Sunday. BJJ 4 days a week. Lift 4 days a week. Use cell tech to improve my recovery Phone Post 3.0
What is cell tech? Phone Post 3.0

I haven't been able to get any cell tech around here. Not sure if I want to try it anyways. Maybe in a few more years.

I'm 37 and also noticed about 2-3 years ago it became harder and harder to recover from anarobic workouts. I found that dropping down to lifting just 3 says a week and getting enough quality sleep and eating less shit is crucial as I've gotten older. Phone Post 3.0

spider guard - I'm 40 and I still workout and train 6 days a week. What I have done to minimize the Oisin is I train smarter. I only train with people who aren't spazzes and can control themselves. I'm not trying to be a world champ or anything. Most importantly I think though is that I've really invested in learning more about proper posture, stretching, mobility, etc. that has helped tremendously. As far as supplements, I only take fish oil 3.5mg per day and vitamin d and protein shakes.

I'm sort of in the same the boat. I'm almost 40 and I also try not to train with "spazzes" but there are a few young bucks that want to use "uncle" (me) as their punching bag. You never know when you might win an exchange and then they turn up the heat that ultimately ends up in a brawl. It wouldn't be so bad if I was 21 again and/or I was proficient in my stand up game, but I am neither. Takes a lot longer to heal and I literally can't afford to get injured.

33, I just realized that I need to pull back on my workouts. I work a physical job on a boat. So while at work for 2 weeks at a time I just work on things like pushups pullups and one leg squats just spread them out throughout the day. Then when I'm home for 2 weeks I workout like there is no tomorrow with kettlebells. Seems like I'm using my 2 weeks at work for recovery. Phone Post 3.0

ChicagoTom - 35. I lift heavy 15 hours a day. I work for 8 hours a day and take my kids for a walk 1 hour a day. No rest. No stopping. No fear. Phone Post 3.0
You sonovabich own me a new keyboard, whey protein shake all over the damn thing! LMFAO!! Phone Post 3.0

Somehow I feel happy knowing I'm not alone in this.

I'm 35 and work full time. I takes me much longer to recover these days. It's taken about two weeks now for a rotator cuff strain to settle down. Never had that issue before, yes I had shoulder problems due to poor scapula control, but c'mon I'm trying to do right and exercise.

Will head back to BJJ tonight, but will give the free roll after drills/technique a miss. Phone Post 3.0

  1. Lift heavy twice a week and light once a week. I try to run 2 days and I'm in the dojo twice a week. I run till I get tired, then turn around, knowing I'll get my second wind on the way back. Some days it's 2 miles. Some days it's 5. Most days it's 3 miles. I'm pretty disciplined about workers out but if I really ain't feeling it... not being lazy but really just exhausted... I don't do it. I figure my body's telling me something. I also schedule a week off of running or lifting about every 2 months to recharge. Listen to your body and don't let ego get in the way of common sense. Phone Post 3.0

I clicked on this thread wanting to see 30 year old chicks training.

Son, I am dissapoint.

46 next month. 4-6 hours BJJ a week. Wrestling once, kickboxing twice and yoga once. Strength training twice per week. Lying in bed at the moment feeling fucked but generally feel ok. Probably in the best shape of my life, off to Vegas in October so trying to drop weight. I'm about 5'6" and 170 lbs. Lost 15 lbs over the last 2 months and aiming for 155 lbs.

4 hour body diet 6 days a week with one cheat day. 5 x fish oil a day, calcium and magnesium. Going to look into vitamin D and ZMA.

Sleep is terrible, I average around 6 hours a night and wake usually every hour. Phone Post 3.0

  1. Planning my recovery is more important than the actual lifting at this point. Phone Post 3.0