$30 Wolverine Classic - April 3 MI

the wolverine classic will be a much-talked about event.

how so?

our experienced staff and coordinators, frustrated with the direction that typical grappling tournaments are taking, are committed to running a punctual and efficient event. we will do this by:

* having four generously sized mats to compete on

* a weigh-in schedule that allows for extreme efficiency

* a tournament bracket geared toward maximum rest time for competitors

* highly-trained event staff dedicated to adhering to schedule

if you want a tournament experience like no other, consider competing in the wolverine classic. if you support this tournament, or like the direction we are taking, give this a 'ttt'.

matt jubera - (mattjubera@umich.edu)

the wolverine classic is proud to announce that Jessica Ross is helping run the female portion of the tournament.

Half the price of the last one I chose not to enter. Sounds like a hell of a plan to me. I'll probaly be there.

for more information please go to the tournament website, located at



I'll support ya since ya got me last time.....

we'll have to give it a go again.....

raw dawg

saginaw.... yeah, we're able to host it at a university venue so we don't have a building cost, allowing us to transfer the savings to competitors, resulting in a lower entry fee.

Thx raw dawg, it was fun last time. You going to be fighting again soon?

to expand on competitive pricing for entry fees, here's a summary:

* male competitor entry fee is $30 pre-registered, otherwise $40.

* female competitor entry fee is $20 pre-registered, otherwise, $30.

entry fee includes competition for both gi and no-gi events. pre-registering allows for a discount on the entry fee but also allows for weighing-in the day of the event. all others must weigh-in the night before at the event venue. for details, please go to the wolverine classic website at: www.umich.edu/~armbar/classic/

edited to announce: there is also a discount for COLLEGE TEAM COMPETITORS. any college team that brings 4 or more people and competes under their college/university name will pay only $20 preregistered and $30 non-preregistered.

saulo's toledo school will be there to support.



TTT, I hear that the mattape being used is going to be top notch


no prob bro.....

I dig all the MICHIGAN dawgs.....

just gonna MAKE EACH other BETTA......

and I'm pretty sure I'll be fighting again in the next couple of months.....

no doubt....

tournament should be fun though.....

raw dawg

also watch for creation of a new weight class below feather weight

The Caique's Chicks will be there! I'm helping out with the women's divisions...Girls?

Jessica Ross

aaron, check your email.

also, we'd like to welcome warrior way's own JESSICA ROSS (as she mentioned above, she beat me posting) to the tournament committee. jessica has agreed to graciously help us out by coordinating all women's events. her involvement in conception and development of the wolverine classic ensures a high-quality event!

chris, glad to hear you guys will be there. You Saulo guys always bring a tough team. ttt

Just wanted to announce the new lightest weight class of 137lbs for white and blue belts Our own team we be fielding 4 competitors in the white belt division of that weight class.

I'd like to throw out a TTT, for good measure and because I can...


prepare for an incredible weekend in Ann Arbor and see how this event will be unique. i don't want to make the announcement now but you'll see or "feel" it when you're there. in addition to an efficiently well-run event, somethign else will stand out that is comlpetely different from other grappling events i've been to, other than one out in california.